Thursday, May 9, 2013

Be A Great Audience.

Mo had her Spring middle school concert on Thursday. It was excellent. The 7th grade Orchestra did an outstanding job. All the kids did a great job, but there was one group of folks I really wanted to give a stern talking to....

The Audience!

Holy Jebus! These people were rude. Walking around during the kid's performance, stomping up and down the bleachers, talking... I could go on and on. What ever happened to common courtesy? When I was a child, my parents took me out into the world and TAUGHT me how to behave in public. We went to restaurants, concerts, theatre, etc... and if I misbehaved I was sent packing WITHOUT my dinner/fun/whatever. My parents were completely prepared to get up from anywhere and leave to go home with me if I acted up. If that ever happened, I knew I was going to be in for a world of hurt as soon as they got me home, so I started minding my p's & q's and learned how to be a polite member of society.

Tonight I saw:

  1. People under or improperly dressed for a concert. Yes, I get it that it's only middle school, but have some respect for the children who really deserve it. Daisy Dukes & a tank top are NOT proper anywhere except the gym or the beach.
  2. People who willfully refused to discipline their kids. There were younger & older siblings walking around during the performance, talking, running, being assholes, and it took away from my viewing experience. Listen people, if you can't control your crotch spawn, LEAVE THEM AT HOME WITH THE SITTER!
  3. People tromping up the bleacher stairs so loudly it sounded like a herd of elephants. Every. Fucking. Time. Who cares if we are trying to watch the kids, let's just tromp as loudly as we can so as to drown out the orchestra.
I guess I can chalk all that up to short attention spans, but it makes me sad. Those kids worked really hard to play that music. They deserve respect from the audience. If you can't do that, hit the bricks or learn pretty darn quick about how to properly watch a performance.

OK, rant over. Mo did a wonderful job despite the asshole audience. I'm very proud of her! Can't wait to see how good she gets next year!

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Christina LMT said...

Ah, yes. The joys of school concerts...I remember like it was yesterday...

And, WOW, I used to cuss way more on my blog.