Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Some fucker took my Tuesday and replaced it with a Monday to see if I'd notice.

  1. Got a crappy night's sleep.
  2. Had to have HHH run to the store to get lunch stuff for the kids .
  3. Wall to Wall Mart was slow & shitty.
  4. Accidentally knocked the truck into 4 HI and could NOT get it out of it. Even HHH couldn't get it out.
  5. Had to call in to work so I could coordinate a tow truck to come get the truck & take it to the dealer.
  6. Dropped it off with a guy who said he may or may not get to it today.
  7. Got a call from the school that Jr forgot to take more than 1 glucose test strip to school & we needed to go pick him up.
  8. Go back to Wall to Wall Mart to get more lunch stuff because I am totally out.
  9. Come home & call the dealership to find out if they were able to loo at the truck & dude says it slipped right back into AWD for him. (MOTHERFUCKER!)
  10. Leave to get truck. Leave Jr. at home so he can field calls from the girls who were told they'd need to walk home.
  11. Get home with the truck and see the above photo in real life. Yes, another tree from the NEIGHBOR'S PROPERTY has fallen onto the building and is endangering the electrical.
  12. Wait till the electricity is cut off & send HHH up onto the roof to help cut down the tree because the landlord  sent a guy who was 105 to go up there to and cut it down.
And that's how my Tuesday went. Dear LORD let Wednesday be better. PLEASE!!!

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