Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Big Surprise

To preface this, my daughter had an extra credit assignment to write a narrative story about a time in her life she liked. She chose our first trip to Disney. Part of the narrative had to include a time in the story where there was a bit of friction. Here is the story she wrote. It's on this blog because I couldn't get Word to work. I'm hoping the teacher will look it up on line. Comments are welcome and appreciated!

Hello. My name is Morgan, and I am going to tell you about a surprising, fun time I had last year. It was three or four weeks into the new school year and after classes one Friday, my parents told us to pack a weekend's worth of clothing in a small suitcase immediately. After my brother, sister, and I had packed up, my parents then told us to get into the family car with the suitcases. I was freaking out because I thought my siblings and I were in trouble for some unknown reason! My parents then got into the car with us, along with a suitcase of their own and we began driving. We rode in the car for a very, VERY long time. I felt like my butt was falling asleep. 
After a little more time, I asked my mom where we were going, but she didn't answer. She smiled at my Dad, who smiled back at her, and said, "Just wait and see.". Ten minutes later, my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know where we were going. I asked again, "Where are we going?", and my Mom and Dad said "It's a good thing. Just wait and see!" and suddenly, as I gazed out the window of the car, I saw a HUGE sign that said, "WELCOME TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!", and I knew where we were! "I asked Mom, "Are we really going to Disney?" and Mom answered me "Yes. We are even staying here on the property!" I was very excited and so were my sister and brother. 
We drove up to a hotel called Port Orleans Riverside and my Mom and Dad told us to wait in the car. Soon they returned with a packet from the front desk. We took a short drive to our room and it was so cool! I even got my own key card with my name on it! Our room looked so awesome and there were towels on one of the beds in the shape of a Mickey Mouse! My family had never been to Disney before, and we were so excited to see and do everything! First thing we did was change clothes and go down to the waterfront because there were boats there that would take you to Downtown Disney. We were going there to eat dinner at one of the themed restaurants. 
The boat ride was smooth and soon we docked at Downtown Disney. There were so many bright lights and things to see, I was in amazement that they could all fit in one place. After walking the length of the complex, we decided to eat at a restaurant called "T-REX". It had a dinosaur theme, including moving dinosaurs all through the restaurant! Also, every 30 minutes, the restaurant got "hit" by a meteor shower that made all the dinosaurs growl and roar! It was so cool! 
After dinner, we rode the boat back to our hotel because we wanted to get enough rest to be up early for our day at the parks. The shower in our room was fashioned to look like a wooden cabin complete with planks and logs. it was interesting to shower in a "cabin". Even the TV looked like a rustic piece of furniture even though it was a modern TV. 
The next morning, after we got dressed, we went to the buffet restaurant at our hotel and ate breakfast. They had waffles shaped like Mickey Mouse! So far, the weekend had turned out great. Little did I know there would be a bump in the road later that day. We finished our Mickey Waffles and loaded into the car to drive to the Magic Kingdom. After parking and walking up to the  transportation center, we had a family vote on how we'd get to the park, monorail or ferry. Mom, Dad, and I voted for the ferry, and my sister and brother voted for the monorail. The ferry won out fair and square, but my brother complained loudly. Mom told him to be quiet and he complied, but was still grumpy. That set the tone for the day. We would take a family vote about what ride to ride, or what snack to buy, or even where to eat lunch, and whenever my brother lost out on the vote, he'd act very angry and accuse us of cheating or never doing anything he wanted to do. I could tell my Mom and Dad were trying to be patient, but finally my brother pushed a little too far. We were making our way to the Jungle Cruise to redeem our Fast Pass tickets, but suddenly my brother wanted to ride the Pirates of the Carribean instead. He threw a fit when Dad told him we were going to the Jungle Cruise first. Suddenly Disney wasn't fun anymore at that point. My brother's selfishness mad even the "Happiest Place On Earth" seem drab. Finally, my Mom and Dad had to sit him down and explain to him that he wasn't the center of the Universe, and that everyone in the family had a vote and a say in what activities we were doing. Mom reminded him that HE had voted to get the Fast Passes for the Jungle Cruise and just because he wanted to do something else, it didn't negate the earlier decision to ride Jungle Cruise. Then Dad added that if he couldn't improve is attitude and start acting respectably in public, then he could accompany Dad back to the hotel room while Mom, my sister, and I stayed and had fun. THAT seemed change my brother's mind almost immediately! He rode the Jungle Cruise with us in silence, but the next vote we had for our next ride, even though he lost, he still tried to have a good time with us. Suddenly, Disney was fun again. 
We stayed in the Magic Kingdom till the fireworks went off and it was so magical. I was glad my brother decided to be a fun guy instead of a party pooper. It made the day so much more fun. I will always remember my first visit to Disney World, and I will remember it even more fondly because I had fun with my brother!

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