Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wisdom From The Cleaning Lady.

  • NEVER touch the used tissues in a teenage boys room.
  • When a male client says "I'd cream my panties so hard if you'd vacuum out my computer keyboard!" ALWAYS double check to make sure they mean that figuratively and not literally.
  • Always assume anything brown on the bathroom floor is poop.
  • Just because the cute dog LOVES you when you arrive doesn't guarantee he won't turn into Cujo the minute the vacuum turns on.
  • That weird lotion you found under the clients bed? Yeah, that's sex lotion. Use the rubber gloves to pick up that one!
  • Children of parents who employ a cleaning service are usually filthier and grubbier than children of parents who do not.
  • Apparently there is a saying: If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down. If the cleaning service is scheduled for today, shit everywhere but the toilet & make them clean it up! 
  • Legos/Toy Cars/Nerf Darts are the Devil & I will vacuum those little bastards up in a heartbeat. Don't leave them out if you wanna keep them!
When I have any more pearls of wisdom, I'll let ya'll know!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Some fucker took my Tuesday and replaced it with a Monday to see if I'd notice.

  1. Got a crappy night's sleep.
  2. Had to have HHH run to the store to get lunch stuff for the kids .
  3. Wall to Wall Mart was slow & shitty.
  4. Accidentally knocked the truck into 4 HI and could NOT get it out of it. Even HHH couldn't get it out.
  5. Had to call in to work so I could coordinate a tow truck to come get the truck & take it to the dealer.
  6. Dropped it off with a guy who said he may or may not get to it today.
  7. Got a call from the school that Jr forgot to take more than 1 glucose test strip to school & we needed to go pick him up.
  8. Go back to Wall to Wall Mart to get more lunch stuff because I am totally out.
  9. Come home & call the dealership to find out if they were able to loo at the truck & dude says it slipped right back into AWD for him. (MOTHERFUCKER!)
  10. Leave to get truck. Leave Jr. at home so he can field calls from the girls who were told they'd need to walk home.
  11. Get home with the truck and see the above photo in real life. Yes, another tree from the NEIGHBOR'S PROPERTY has fallen onto the building and is endangering the electrical.
  12. Wait till the electricity is cut off & send HHH up onto the roof to help cut down the tree because the landlord  sent a guy who was 105 to go up there to and cut it down.
And that's how my Tuesday went. Dear LORD let Wednesday be better. PLEASE!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013


So, these guys are all over hell and creation down here. They are clawing their way out from the ground, molting their creepy looking Cy-bug shells everywhere, and, (the only part I don't mind), singing their fool hearts out! Apparently, they creep the fuck out of almost EVERYONE, including Dave. I offered to send a few of these guys his way, but he said NO! (weenie!) The above bug must have completed his life cycle because he fell out of the trees dead. 

Wonder how many more we'll find before summer is over?


Take a moment today to remember ALL our fallen heroes.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tampa Margarita Festival

Won tickets to the Tampa Margarita Festival that was this weekend. It was pretty cool. We were the second people in the gates and here's what we saw...

We had to check in to get in by showing them our ID's and tickets. The event had sold out, so there were no more tickets to buy, and that left a LOT of people disappointed. Once you showed them your ticket & ID, you got a bracelet and could go into the gate.

There  were police at the gate to make sure ticket holders got in & no alcohol got out too!

We found a nice place in the shade and sat there to listen to the live music & rest up after doing a swag lap around the park. 

There were also hot boys playing shirtless volleyball!

I was repping the Psycho 78's with their pin.

And there was a guy there selling ice pops in the most awesome of flavors! On a hot day in the park, those ice pops really cooled us off!

We picked the Strawberry Mango one & it was so freakin' good!

I was repping Wicked Skatewear with my Wicked sunglasses!

So, all in all, the Tampa Margarita Fest was awesome! I'm so glad I entered the give away on Jenny's blog. It was such a lucky break. 

And I was so glad to have gotten to spend it with my great hubby, HHH too!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Big Surprise

To preface this, my daughter had an extra credit assignment to write a narrative story about a time in her life she liked. She chose our first trip to Disney. Part of the narrative had to include a time in the story where there was a bit of friction. Here is the story she wrote. It's on this blog because I couldn't get Word to work. I'm hoping the teacher will look it up on line. Comments are welcome and appreciated!

Hello. My name is Morgan, and I am going to tell you about a surprising, fun time I had last year. It was three or four weeks into the new school year and after classes one Friday, my parents told us to pack a weekend's worth of clothing in a small suitcase immediately. After my brother, sister, and I had packed up, my parents then told us to get into the family car with the suitcases. I was freaking out because I thought my siblings and I were in trouble for some unknown reason! My parents then got into the car with us, along with a suitcase of their own and we began driving. We rode in the car for a very, VERY long time. I felt like my butt was falling asleep. 
After a little more time, I asked my mom where we were going, but she didn't answer. She smiled at my Dad, who smiled back at her, and said, "Just wait and see.". Ten minutes later, my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know where we were going. I asked again, "Where are we going?", and my Mom and Dad said "It's a good thing. Just wait and see!" and suddenly, as I gazed out the window of the car, I saw a HUGE sign that said, "WELCOME TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!", and I knew where we were! "I asked Mom, "Are we really going to Disney?" and Mom answered me "Yes. We are even staying here on the property!" I was very excited and so were my sister and brother. 
We drove up to a hotel called Port Orleans Riverside and my Mom and Dad told us to wait in the car. Soon they returned with a packet from the front desk. We took a short drive to our room and it was so cool! I even got my own key card with my name on it! Our room looked so awesome and there were towels on one of the beds in the shape of a Mickey Mouse! My family had never been to Disney before, and we were so excited to see and do everything! First thing we did was change clothes and go down to the waterfront because there were boats there that would take you to Downtown Disney. We were going there to eat dinner at one of the themed restaurants. 
The boat ride was smooth and soon we docked at Downtown Disney. There were so many bright lights and things to see, I was in amazement that they could all fit in one place. After walking the length of the complex, we decided to eat at a restaurant called "T-REX". It had a dinosaur theme, including moving dinosaurs all through the restaurant! Also, every 30 minutes, the restaurant got "hit" by a meteor shower that made all the dinosaurs growl and roar! It was so cool! 
After dinner, we rode the boat back to our hotel because we wanted to get enough rest to be up early for our day at the parks. The shower in our room was fashioned to look like a wooden cabin complete with planks and logs. it was interesting to shower in a "cabin". Even the TV looked like a rustic piece of furniture even though it was a modern TV. 
The next morning, after we got dressed, we went to the buffet restaurant at our hotel and ate breakfast. They had waffles shaped like Mickey Mouse! So far, the weekend had turned out great. Little did I know there would be a bump in the road later that day. We finished our Mickey Waffles and loaded into the car to drive to the Magic Kingdom. After parking and walking up to the  transportation center, we had a family vote on how we'd get to the park, monorail or ferry. Mom, Dad, and I voted for the ferry, and my sister and brother voted for the monorail. The ferry won out fair and square, but my brother complained loudly. Mom told him to be quiet and he complied, but was still grumpy. That set the tone for the day. We would take a family vote about what ride to ride, or what snack to buy, or even where to eat lunch, and whenever my brother lost out on the vote, he'd act very angry and accuse us of cheating or never doing anything he wanted to do. I could tell my Mom and Dad were trying to be patient, but finally my brother pushed a little too far. We were making our way to the Jungle Cruise to redeem our Fast Pass tickets, but suddenly my brother wanted to ride the Pirates of the Carribean instead. He threw a fit when Dad told him we were going to the Jungle Cruise first. Suddenly Disney wasn't fun anymore at that point. My brother's selfishness mad even the "Happiest Place On Earth" seem drab. Finally, my Mom and Dad had to sit him down and explain to him that he wasn't the center of the Universe, and that everyone in the family had a vote and a say in what activities we were doing. Mom reminded him that HE had voted to get the Fast Passes for the Jungle Cruise and just because he wanted to do something else, it didn't negate the earlier decision to ride Jungle Cruise. Then Dad added that if he couldn't improve is attitude and start acting respectably in public, then he could accompany Dad back to the hotel room while Mom, my sister, and I stayed and had fun. THAT seemed change my brother's mind almost immediately! He rode the Jungle Cruise with us in silence, but the next vote we had for our next ride, even though he lost, he still tried to have a good time with us. Suddenly, Disney was fun again. 
We stayed in the Magic Kingdom till the fireworks went off and it was so magical. I was glad my brother decided to be a fun guy instead of a party pooper. It made the day so much more fun. I will always remember my first visit to Disney World, and I will remember it even more fondly because I had fun with my brother!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In A Blink.

Yesterday at about 4:30PM we had a bad thunderstorm. It was bad enough that the down drafts took down trees, power lines, & a few roofs. We lost power for 12 hours thanks to a neighbor's tree pulling down all the powerlines. I was put out. With two kids that have a condition that requires refrigerated medications, long power outages can threaten our stockpiles of medication with spoilage. I had also started to amass our summer hurricane season stockpile so I had to worry about that going bad as well. It was hot, humid, and boring. We sat around for a while either reading or playing board games, then we went to the store to cool off & get some emergency ice, then we came back and packed everything in the fridge in the chest freezer & piled the ice bags on top of it to keep it cool. Updates from the power company kept pushing the estimates for when the power company would have us back up and running back two hours at a time. Finally we gave up and opened the windows and tried to get to sleep. I texted in to work saying I'd have to take the next day off to remediate the power/medicine situation. Luckily they understood. As we tried to sleep in the dense humidity, I kept listening for the rumble of the power company trucks, hoping they would beat the latest estimated time given on their automated update site. Sometime in the early early morning the power finally blinked back on. We got back up out of bed and started removing all the refrigerated goods from the chest freezer back to the fridge. I knew I was going to have to clean out both the freezer and the fridge later that morning. I was tired, groggy, and was NOT happy, but living in Florida, I should have been used to it by now, right?
Then I saw this...

Oklahoma was ravaged. Schools and hospitals were leveled. Children, adults, the elderly... all killed. Whole neighborhoods were wiped clean. Gone. In a blink. The same blink that saw my power go out & make me uncomfortable took away loved ones from families. I felt like an ass. A BIG ass. I was bitching about being bored while first responders were pulling children from the rubble of the school pictured above. Our family still had a roof, food, windows, and a running vehicle while folks in Oklahoma lost everything they had, including their children! Sigh.... 

  • So what can we do? We can donate to the recovery & rescue efforts. Got a cell phone? Good! Text STORM to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army. 
  • Also you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to them as well. 
  •  Feeding America is preparing to bring truckloads of food and water to the area to help care for the victims & rescue crews and you can donate to them here to help that way too. 
  • Text FOOD to 32333 to send $10 to the OK Foodbank so they can bring in food for victims.
  • OPERATION USA is going to Oklahoma to help aid health care centers & schools get back up and running & if you want to help them text 50555 to donate $10 to them.
  • Don't forget the furry victims!! Go to the Oklahoma Humane Society website here, and make a donation to! 
There will be a need for help for many months to come, so keep all those numbers handy. $10 goes a long way. It's our support of each other that makes this nation great! Let's help OKlahoma be OK again!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Have A Seat!

My daughters playing around and being funny at IKEA's "As-Is" department! 

My family is a riot!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I'm cheap.

No, not like that, (although I am a cheap date), but more to the point, I do NOT like paying lots of money for the things I want. Rather than hire a clown or a balloon entertainer, I learned how to make balloon animals myself for my children's birthdays when they were younger. (I was a big hit at Chucky Cheeses that year!) Rather than pay tons of money for themed cakes for birthdays and anniversaries, I learned how to do it myself for pennies on the dollar. If I want my rooms painted, I get the stuff and d it myself. If we want the floors updated, we buy the stuff and do it ourselves as well. You get the picture.

Today it was our bathroom's turn.

We needed space, namely shelf space. With 5 of us sharing a single bathroom, counter space is at a premium! Shelves aren't cheap though. Folks out there want $10 to $30 for a shelf depending on how fancy it is. I usually don't want to pay that kind of scratch, so I went to my go to spot... IKEA! I am a pro at the "As-Is" section of IKEA. That's the scratch and dent section near the registers. Several months ago we bought some doors to a cabinet in the as-is and several brackets, and made some shelves out of them! Worked so well we thought we'd try again. Off to IKEA we went.

Once there, we wove our way to the as-is portion of the store. No small feat considering the giant habitrail that is IKEA, but we made it and instantly started picking over the doors and shelves. First, we found this gem for $15...
It is a glass shelf that was 50% off because it has 3 small scratches on it. Can you see them in the photo? Yeah, I can't either. Their loss, my gain. Then we found a small white shelf that looked nice....
It didn't have any hardware with it, (which is why it was $.50!) so we backtracked to the shelving dept. to look at some brackets for it. The metal ones we picked out worked well and can double as washcloth holders. I banished Eldest's stuff to this new shelf. Now she will be able to find everything she needs and I'll have more space on the counter top.

Last, (and this one was really a whim), I saw this medium sized pot rack on the shelves in the as-is section...
It was also missing some hardware and was only $4. We picked it up, and repurposed it into a towel rack! It looks delightfully whimsical. The craptastical ones that came with the apartment and now in the dumpster!

So yeah, I am a cheap ass woman when it comes to buying stuff, but I am a recycling goddess when I need to be! So, for around $30 I got to make my bathroom look much more organized.

Next project: Organizing the bedroom!

Friday, May 17, 2013

What Ever Happened To...

....School banquets?

Eldest had her Track Banquet tonight. It was at Golden Corral. We had to pay for her to eat & drink. There were no awards given out with the exception of letters & pins. I was shocked. Apparently, this is now the norm for school banquets. If the parents don't pay for it, it doesn't happen.

When I was in school, we had our banquets at the school with either catered food, or food specifically purchased from the school, but better quality than regular lunch food. We had awards, presentations and a big cake to celebrate a year well accomplished. Apparently, that isn't how things are done anymore. Now the banquet has been reduced to a meet up at a buffet, and "Here's your letter." with absolutely no presentation what so ever. And the kicker for me is, Eldest and her track team sold t-shirts and hoodies to supposedly "Raise money" for this banquet, yet we still had to pay?!? WTF is that all about!?! Where did the $135 from all the stuff Eldest sold go? Why wasn't it applied to the kid's banquet bill? 

I can't believe that the state of schools today means the kids have to give up something that HHH & I got as a right of passage in High School. It makes me sad. 

Also, I am calling that track coach Monday and asking where the fundraising money went! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The babies are still in the tree. Mama cat dutifully goes off during the day & searches the dumpsters for easy eats for the little guys. We figured we'd give her a break & went to buy some gushy foods at the store. HHH opened a can, put Jr on his shoulders, & they put it in the tree. Hope the kitties like chicken in gravy! 

PS- The whit one up there has a spot on it's side that is the exact shape of a mickey mouse head!! Sooooo cute!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Stuff & Nonsense!

  • There are still kittehs in the tree outside. Now they play king of the tree. I keep waiting for it to rain kittens down upon us. Momma cat saw us watching them the other day and gave us the EVIL EYE.
  • End of school is upon us and the parties are starting to roll in. Today Jr. came home with an invitation for me from the school to a special breakfast to honor all the parents who volunteered over the year.(Technically I was a volunteer, but really I was given the choice of "Volunteer to go on the field trip or your diabetic kid gets left out." so I didn't really count it since it was really blackmail.) It's at 8am TOMORROW. I have no way to tell my work I need to come in late because the schedule has already been made. Gee, thanks school system. I feel so honored.
  • Still cleaning out people's toilets for a living. I actually like it. There's something satisfying about taking a pigsty of a house and making it showroom clean that just speaks to me. Now if I could just get my co workers to be less bitchy....
  • IMAX 3D rocks out loud. No, really.... IT WAS REALLY LOUD! I guess they want you to be totally immersed in the movie and by God, you are going to FEEL the movie through the overly loud sound system. I do recommend seeing a movie in IMAX however. It was excellent! Ironman 3 kicked ass! 
And that's all I have for now.... but the week is young yet!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mama Said Knock You OUT!

Ok, well not really. Just admiring the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Be A Great Audience.

Mo had her Spring middle school concert on Thursday. It was excellent. The 7th grade Orchestra did an outstanding job. All the kids did a great job, but there was one group of folks I really wanted to give a stern talking to....

The Audience!

Holy Jebus! These people were rude. Walking around during the kid's performance, stomping up and down the bleachers, talking... I could go on and on. What ever happened to common courtesy? When I was a child, my parents took me out into the world and TAUGHT me how to behave in public. We went to restaurants, concerts, theatre, etc... and if I misbehaved I was sent packing WITHOUT my dinner/fun/whatever. My parents were completely prepared to get up from anywhere and leave to go home with me if I acted up. If that ever happened, I knew I was going to be in for a world of hurt as soon as they got me home, so I started minding my p's & q's and learned how to be a polite member of society.

Tonight I saw:

  1. People under or improperly dressed for a concert. Yes, I get it that it's only middle school, but have some respect for the children who really deserve it. Daisy Dukes & a tank top are NOT proper anywhere except the gym or the beach.
  2. People who willfully refused to discipline their kids. There were younger & older siblings walking around during the performance, talking, running, being assholes, and it took away from my viewing experience. Listen people, if you can't control your crotch spawn, LEAVE THEM AT HOME WITH THE SITTER!
  3. People tromping up the bleacher stairs so loudly it sounded like a herd of elephants. Every. Fucking. Time. Who cares if we are trying to watch the kids, let's just tromp as loudly as we can so as to drown out the orchestra.
I guess I can chalk all that up to short attention spans, but it makes me sad. Those kids worked really hard to play that music. They deserve respect from the audience. If you can't do that, hit the bricks or learn pretty darn quick about how to properly watch a performance.

OK, rant over. Mo did a wonderful job despite the asshole audience. I'm very proud of her! Can't wait to see how good she gets next year!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Namely teenage boys.

They are DISGUSTING!!!

I do not own a teen boy as of yet. I still have 2 years before that, but be advised, when my son does become a teen there are several things that I will be teaching him.(Gleaned from my days cleaning for other people.)

  1. Dirty clothing belongs in the hamper. Dirty undergarments DEFINITELY belong in the hamper. Skidmarked undergarments NEED TO BE BURNED!
  2. There is NO FUCKING REASON to announce your approach to the world with a noxious cloud of body spray. No. Just no. (Two of the houses I cleaned on Tuesday had teen boys with 15 different AXE body spray cans on their dressers.)
  3. Trash? Belongs in the wastebasket. Not on the floor, or in the bed, or in the closet, or under the bed, or anywhere else for that matter! 
  4. You have a dresser and/or a chest of drawers for a REASON! Now take that pile of clothes your mom washed for you and PUT THEM AWAY!!!
  5. Eye glasses, retainers, medical apparatuses, etc need to be put away PROPERLY! I do not want to touch your nasty ass slobbed on retainer, or anything else for that matter, so just put it away.
  6. Used tissues near or in the bed. Do I REALLY have to go into this one, or can it be nuff said? 
  7. Pee IN the toilet. Shower in the shower. Don't confuse the two.
Yeah... I see a lot while cleaning for other families and man... when these kids leave home, they are in for a world of hurt. No woman is EVER going to want to come home with these guys for a night cap if their places look as crapped up as the rooms and bathrooms I have to clean. 

Now, I need to have a word with my son about dating girls only when he turns 35.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Sunday night was.... interesting. 

It started out ok. HHH & I went to sleep at a decent hour. All was quiet, until SCREECH...HONK! I woke up out of a sound sleep wondering what the hell was going on. I hopped out of bed and walked to the front door in time to hear, "YOU A GOD DAMN LIE! I DIDN'T WALK IN FRONT OF NO CAR!" It seems two drunkards were walking down the sidewalk when they decided to cross the street right in front of a cop car!! The screech & honk was the cop car trying not to hit their fool asses. The cop by this time had stopped them and was trying to figure out what the hell they were doing. The drunks were LOUDLY protesting that they did NOT walk out in front of a vehicle almost causing a wreck. It was a tale from the redneck hills if you ask me, but no matter what it was, it was keeping me awake with the flashing lights, loud yelling, and even louder radio. Sigh... 

Then, after I finally did go back to sleep later on in the early morning, I was nudged out of that sleep by a mewing sound. It sounded like a kitten in distress. First thought in my head was "Oh my fuckity fuck! Some damn cat got into the roof & had babies!" It even woke up Mo & Eldest. I got up again, listening closely, and realized the mewing sound was coming from outside. I peered out of the blinds into the darkness and didn't see any kittens. Finally, after day broke, I went to look in the trees in the parking lot and sure enough, there were 3 kittens in the huge oak tree! Mama cat had found a place to hide her babies away from predators! Ingenious! 

Now I'm just hoping Monday night is a little more tame, because I sure as hell need the sleep! 

So my night went lousy. How was yours?

Sunday, May 5, 2013


OMG! I am NOT of any kind of Mexican heritage, but I love to make a huge spread for Cinco de Mayo. Holy crap! I made chicken enchiladas, frijoes con queso y pollo, and spanish rice. 


I hope I can move quickly at work tomorrow. Right now I feel like a parade float! LOL!

Friday, May 3, 2013


I don't got it.

Slipped at work today. I was having to clean with the temp girl who is actually the person I was hired to REPLACE. (yeah, I don't get it either.) She is, shall we say, slow & chatty. In a 4 bedroom 3 bath house with a bonus room upstairs, I cleaned 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, bonus room, formal dining room, informal dining room, staircase, family room, and laundry room in the time it took her to clean the master bed/bathroom, formal living room & office. I can see why she was let go. So, in the middle of all that mess, I was walking back to the mop bucket through the kitchen and I didn't see this one quarter sized drip of water on the tile floor. I hit that sucker and was off skating across the kitchen like Brian Boitano in the Olympics. Unfortunately, my derby training took over and I went into a right knee drop. That would have worked to stop my fall... IF I HAD BEEN WEARING MY KNEE PADS!

Yeah, I smacked my knee into that tile and let out a yelp! My speed challenged partner came running asking if I was OK. I wasn't. I may have cried a little. I was already sick from getting gluten in my dinner last night, and I felt like puking... add this latest injury to those other insults and my Friday had just turned into a Monday.

Who in the fuckity fuck decided to punk me??

So, after sniffling my tears up, I got off the floor and finished cleaning up the house. I loaded up my gear into the truck and drove off to the next house. Yes, I finished my work day and even with a bum knee I was STILL faster than Temp Girl. Now I am sitting in bed, knee propped up on pillows with ice packs wondering to myself, "Why do I always get hurt off skates?" I may just start wearing my derby pads to work now. 

So, in closing, I'd like to say "May the 4th be with you!" because I sure as hell need it with me!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What Kind Of Person Are You?

There are three kinds of people that we clean for.

  1. The folks who clean up before we arrive so we don't see how big of slobs they are.
  2. The folks who don't clean and could care less if we see they are slobs.
  3. The people who are borderline hoarders.
Which category do YOU fit into?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Last night, we had a terrible storm. Torrential rain, lightning, the works. It was all ignorable till


The power died. 

We figured it was a quick deal like always till HHH walked out to the main street and saw a huge piece of tree was laying across the lines part way down the street. I checked the electric company website from my phone and saw that we were already called in as a power outage, so it was just a matter of waiting.

And waiting sucks when your kids are addicted to electrical toys!

Xbox, computers, tablets, wifi, smart TVs.... it was all dead. Suddenly, without warning....

We had to TALK to each other!

At first everyone was just asking me what the weather was saying because I pulled up the Weather Channel and had the storm map on. Then we started playing games. First we played the game where you whisper a sentence to the person next to you, then they whisper the sentence to the person next to them, etc, etc, etc, and you see  at the end if the sentence changed or not. That lasted about 15 minutes. Then HHH brought out the Big Bang Theory board game and that's when things got interesting. By candle light and flashlight we played BBT Trivia. It was a close game. Even the kids were answering the questions correctly! (The object is to answer a fact or fiction question correctly and get a character card, then collect all the characters first to win!) And you know what? It was fun. My family and I were all sitting in the same room, laughing, talking, playing a game together in the dark. 

Then Pling! A few hours later the power suddenly turned back on. And in minutes it seemed like the kids were back to arguing where minutes before they were laughing. 

Figures. So the moral to this story? We all need to unplug for a while each week. I think it will be good for us. 

Also? We watch waaaaaay too much Big Bang Theory!!