Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I got called off for work today so I have time to write a post. Whoo to the Hoo, right? So here goes...

  • Boston: I am still kind of pissed off about the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Something that was supposed to be a triumph for the runners turned into a tragedy for both the runners and the spectators! That some asshole who was looking for 15 minutes of fame for his hair brained cause or manifesto could take the joy away from those people disgusts me. I saw on Twitter where people were jumping on the idea of wearing racing shirts from races they had been in as a show of support and solidarity for the people of Boston and the runners. Well, I haven't been in any real races, but I do play derby, so I wore my SRG jersey to work yesterday. We are with you Boston!
  • My earlier thought that the Consuelas would not be as abrasive towards me when I'm working one on one with them was wrong. I was paired with Consuela #2 this week while Consuela #1 worked with the new girl and OMG! She has been an ultra bitch to me. In fact, the only time she was nice to me was yesterday when she wasn't paying attention to her driving, fell off the road and into a deep rut that almost flipped the truck! We fishtailed, spun, and landed back on the highway. During this whole thing I sat quietly and ate my Cheez-Its while she shit her pants. I guess she felt guilty about almost killing us!
  • I'm still trying to get the Brandon Brawlers up and running. No one seems interested. This makes me sad. :(
  • Eldest is running in the District Track Meet today. I am sending out good juju for her. She really wants to excel at this! I am excited for her journey.
And now I am out of things to write about. Hopefully I'll get more blog fodder from work on Thursday & Friday!

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