Thursday, April 4, 2013


I got my cut of the tip today!

We were cleaning a house and as I finished up the kitchen the client came down stairs to look for her check book. She found it and wrote out the check and handed it to ME along with a $20 bill. I was excited because I finally had a chance to fix the stupid ass situation that was going on. I walked right over to the area the Consuelas were working on, and in my loudest, country white girl accent said...


Ha ha ha. They both looked at each other and you could see it on their faces. "Oh shit! The white girl saw the tip! Now we can't take it for us!" I mean, I totally... I could SEE it in their faces! (And I also know what they are saying in Spanish, but I'm not going to clue them in on THAT little tidbit!) So we went the rest of the day cleaning and when we were done and back at base, I stuck around till they finally figured out what I wanted. MY TIP BITCHES! 

Yeah, it was $6, but damn it, it was MY $6 and I wanted it after all the BS I've been taking the last month or two! 

I am SO GLAD tomorrow is Friday!

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