Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stuff That Happens When You Try To Have A "Last Minute" Trip.

  • Something goes right and you get off work an hour early.
  • Something goes WRONG, and your kid's school goes into lock down for the next 3 hours.
  • You pick up all your kids(finally!) to surprise them with a trip to Disney.
  • The weather, which promised to be in the 80's, decides to stay in the high 60's/Low 70's.
  • You make good time getting to your hotel.
  • Said hotel tried to rip you off immediately.
  • You get to your overpriced room & find mold all over the roof.
  • This is waiting for you in the shower... 
  • The wind whistles so loudly outside your room you can't sleep.
  • The view from afore mentioned crappy room is of the roof. Like from every window & the balcony. As in you could hop the balcony railing and walk around on the whole roof.
  • You want OUT of the crappy hotel so much that you leave & get to the Magic Kingdom 45 minutes early and able to see the opening ceremony.
  • The weather is overcast & chilly so the park stays pretty empty & you can pretty much walk on to every ride, even the big ones.
  • You get on Thunder Mountain.
  • You have a panic attack while on the start of Thunder Mountain, as in a drastic, crying, freaking the fuck out panic attack.
  • Your 14 year old daughter has to hold your hand so you will stop freaking the fuck out on Thunder Mountain.
  • You can't walk after getting OFF Thunder Mountain.
  • You spend the day getting new collector's pins for your lanyard.
  • After doing every ride at MK, you take the monorail to Epcot.
  • When you get to Epcot, you hit Test Track first and go in the single rider line so you can photo bomb the tourists.
  • You eat the world's best nachos!
  • You decide to head home because it suddenly gets WAY cloudier & colder. Fuck you Weather Channel Online!
  • You end up having an awesome time with your family!
So yeah... won't be recommending the Royal Plaza Hotel in Downtown Disney any time soon, but we had fun at the parks so it made the day better!
What did YOU do this weekend.

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