Sunday, April 14, 2013

Slogging Along.

New week, same shit as the last week.... and the week before that.... and the week before that.....

I feel like I need a change. Working is getting me out of the house, the kids have their activities, HHH has guy friends from his work to occupy him when ever he feels like getting out, but me... I feel like I've lost something. I don't really play derby anymore. We moved away from my last league and they dumped me even though I said I'd come back once we recovered financially and purchased a car. I've tried to start my own league here, but truth be told that isn't working out. Anyone with interest in it has lost touch with me and I can't do it on my own no matter how many folks think it sounds "killer awesome!" I've tried the old color your hair method for a change and that didn't work either. Sigh....

Maybe I'm just in a funk from the mid winter blues. Except in Florida it's in the 80's now, so it feels like summer has already hit. I don't really have any friends close. Closest is my derby wife in Carrollwood and he works nights.

Maybe I just need to get away.  

A vacation sounds nice. 

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