Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I guess they really don't like me working with them. I'm talking about the Consuelas again. Today we get to the 2nd house and as I'm putting the mop & bucket down in the kitchen I saw the check the client left along with 3 crisp dollar bills. (Yeah I know... a whole buck for scrubbing shit outta toilets, right?) Well, just to see if the Consuelas were really gonna stiff me when I know they saw me look at the money, I left it there and went about my merry way cleaning. We finish, get back in the car, and leave to go to the next house and no tip. I waited till the end of the day to see if maybe they were gonna share it when we got back to base, but no. No tip. Were they really in need of that extra 50 cents they got cheating me?

Now it's almost a big joke to me and honestly? I'm just gonna say FUCK IT. If they need that little bit of money they can just have it. I'm better than that. WAY better than that. Oh, and I'm still as polite & kind as ever to them. That part hasn't changed. I hold my tongue  clean the hell out of everything I come across, and do it with a smile.

Damn, being a grown up sucks.

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Megan said...

Kill 'em with kindness, baby. They may not even notice, but you are better for it.