Sunday, April 7, 2013


We live in what I like to call a small, boutique apartment strip. It's small, there are only 6 units here, and it is VERY quiet. After all the nonsense we put up with at HHH's workplaces(can't complain when your job is riding on it.), it's nice to just relax & keep to ourselves. The complex next door to us, however, makes this difficult. It's not the best. They routinely have police & ambulance call outs. Back about 7 months ago when I blogged/tweeted/FB-ed about gunshots coming from the apt complex next door, I was talking about this place. There have been domestics out in the parking lot. There have been kids fist fighting. It isn't pretty.
To make matters even more "enjoyable" There was this yesterday...

By the time it was all said & done, there were 7 fire trucks, one ambulance, and 3 fire chiefs over there. I'm not sure what the fire was caused by, but I'm betting it was a grease fire. All the fires at the complexes HHH worked at were from people leaving food frying on the stove, it catching fire, and the dumbasses threw water on it! 

So on that note, I REALLY HOPE everyone changed their batteries in their smoke alarms back when the time changed. And also please have an emergency plan with your family for times like this. Watching a few parents in the parking lot next door frantically looking for their kids was heartbreaking,(till they found them & started yelling "WHERE WERE YOU?" at them.). It's all about the safety people. 

Let's all be safe!

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