Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Thinks It's A REEEAAAALLLLL Funny Fucker!

So Monday. Ugh, am I Right? I usually don't have a bad Monday at the beginning of the week, but today was "special". 

  • Started off with the garbage truck at 5:55am.
  • Then the train at 5:59am.
  • Got up and running and realized Eldest left her lunchbox at school on Friday so had to locate the backup lunch box for her.
  • Got lunches made.
  • Took Eldest to school.
  • Had trouble leaving the school lot because some fucking kid keeps half closing the gate you use to get out, making it nearly impossible to get back on the road.
  • Leave to take Jr to school and have to sit through 4 red lights because some fucker doesn't have the balls to make a left turn if there's a car withing 1000ft of the intersection! (WTF?!?)
  • Decide that waiting any longer is stupid & cut through the church parking lot.
  • Get back from Jr's school & get Mo together so we can leave.
  • Drop Mo off & go to work.
  • Get surprised with getting to work with Penny again!
  • Go to first house & clean it up.
  • Go to second house. Have lady from second house booby trap me by placing a half opened Mountain Dew on a dresser, (when I wasn't looking), that explodes like a Bellagio Fountain when I accidentally knock it over while vacuuming.
  • Threw myself on the grenade that was the exploding MD bottle before it could spray the entire room with soda.
  • I smelled like Mountain Dew for the rest of the day.
  • I was sticky for the rest of the day.
  • Finally finished with the last house and went back to base.
  • Drove home.
  • Sat down to take a tinkle and discovered my period had started.
  • Ate dinner.
  • Did an impromptu load of laundry thanks to Aunt Flo showing up unannounced.
  • Took a shower. 
  • Got in bed at 6pm.
So yeah.... the soda shower, Aunt Flo, morons who can't turn left at a green light..... 

Monday must think it's a reeeeaaaallll funny guy!

How was your day?

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