Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just Can't Win.

So we all know the Consuelas aren't really fond of me. Lately, now that there is a new girl who came on board, I've been paired with Consuela #2 and slowly but surly, she has warmed up to me. Before this it was always, "You too slow.", "You have to learn to hurry up.", and "You need to go FASTER!". It was so bad that every time I turned around, one of them was spying on me and racking up reasons to bitch at me. To combat this, I got faster. I don't like faster because when you rush you run the possibility of missing something or screwing up or even breaking someone's chachkies! 

Wednesday Consuela #2 and I were moving along at a good clip. We'd get to the house, she'd tell me I had a certain amount of time to finish my section of said house, and I'd get my ass in gear and do it. We started at 8:45am and finished at 2pm. Not bad for a 3 house stint. 

Then I got a text message from one of the Boss Ladies. 

"You and Consuela #2 finished an hour early. Which house took less time?"
To which I responded, "I don't know. She says I have to be done by a certain time, and I just go with that."
Then Boss Lady comes back with, "Please be careful to take your time.", and then I go into the fact that for the past couple of months I've basically just doing what ever the Consuelas tell me to do because if I don't, they get really pissy with me. Boss Lady comes back and says I shouldn't be defensive about them "correcting" me on my cleaning and YET AGAIN I have to point out that it isn't the corrections I resent, but the constant barrage of "GO FASTER!" that gets on my nerves. Hell, I welcome someone catching a mistake I make so I have the chance to correct it, but hover over my ass when I am trying to give 100% awesome service and I just wanna hip check a bitch into the suicide seats. I requested she say this all to my partners in work as well. I don't mind working hard. I work damn hard to give awesome service, but don't cramp my style yo!

So I guess I just can't win. Trying to please everyone is gonna tear me apart. Now I wonder what my reception tomorrow is going to be? And also, why was Boss Lady harping at only me? Something tells me Consuela #2 threw me under the bus.

If she did, I may just make Friday my last day. 

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