Friday, April 26, 2013


So.... the Consuelas.

They don't like me. More to the point, they just aren't fond of me. I get it. Different cultures, I'm the new guy,  I'm not willing to get to work a half hour earlier than necessary.... I could keep listing differences, but I won't. Then, the Boss Ladies hired another girl to work with us. She's Caucasian, like myself. She's perky. She's pleasant. She reminds me of Penny from Big Bang Theory. I finally got to work with her Friday.


Total 180 from the Consuelas! We motored through the day without a care. (Well, we did have an alarm incident at the first house, but that was the client's fault!) I was refreshed & happy at the end of the day, rather than beat down and dragging. It's amazing how someone else's attitude can just kick you in the samosas!

When I was getting ready to leave, Boss Lady caught me and asked how it went. I said I was pleased to work with Penny. She said good. She also tried to tell me that it wasn't that the Consuelas didn't like me, but that they liked working with each other better. I said I understood, but it still sucked. Boss Lady said that was ok though, because Penny & I were going to be a team after next week. 

I am TOTALLY COOL with that!!
Adios Consuelas! Hello Penny!!

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