Wednesday, April 10, 2013


  • So lately the Consuelas have been being surly asses, but that's not news. 
  • Karma has come to my aid and Consuela #1 has been on a breaking spree. She ruined a $5000+ pedicure chair Monday, then broke something else in an initial clean house on Tuesday. Thank you Universe!!
  • I saw the most squee thing EVER while driving to work yesterday. I pass by a Miniature Horse farm and in the field was the cutest, fluffiest baby foal EVAR! OMG I thought my head was gonna asplode from the squee! And of course the field was across the street from a school so I got to experience all that squee at 20mph.
  • When I got into the truck with the Consuelas Wednesday morning, I asked them if we still had 5 houses to clean. (Sometimes they cancel the night before.) Consuela #1 looks at the boo and says, "No, we have seven." I answer back "Great!" in the cheeriest morning voice I have, to which she replies, "No, we have four." with a look of disgust and a shake of her head. Really lady? I'm cool with tackling 7 houses and spoil your joke so you have to be a jerk about it? Sigh....
  • I love to be a cheery person to service folks and our clients. A happy face and a bright hello can surprise a LOT of people. When cashiers rattle off a greeting to you and I answer back, they almost jump out of their skin! Our older clients who are home when we clean like having someone to talk to. The Consuelas aren't that talkative, s I win in that respect!
  • A new girl is starting work this week. She's training for a week and then she'll get thrown into the mix. And it's another Caucasian girl too. I'll be glad to go back to 2 person teams again. Less houses and maybe the Consuelas will be less acidic if it's not me vs. both of them.
  • Yesterday I cleaned a toilet that was covered in poo. Like speckled all over the bowl, rim, & seat with crap. I'd have been more upset if it wasn't the bathroom of a potty training toddler. Still, why were they letting their 2 year old use a big potty with no assistance?
  • I have Thursday off!! Whoo to the fucking hoo!!
And that's about it for now. I'm sure the Consuelas will make me miserable on Friday, so I'll have more to add later!

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