Friday, March 15, 2013

The Naked Guy.

OK, so I have been stewing this one for a while. I don't know what it is about the cleaning gigs, but for as many clients we have that leave their secrets out in the open, we have almost as many weirdos who seem to get jollies off of us walking in on them naked, and trust me, it ain't no accident. Let me explain...

When we take on a client (Both here and back when I worked in Sarasota), the Boss Lady asks them what their preferences are for when we arrive to clean, and if they will be home or not. Most folks would rather not be home so we don't trip over them while we're cleaning. For those instances we get a key so we can enter the home, but every once in a while.... we get some moron who wants to show his goods or even better, we get a moron who "forgot" we were coming to clean. It goes kinda like this..

  • Knock, knock, knock.
  • Ring doorbell
  • Knock again
  • Open door with key
  • Announce presence in home
  • Bring in equipment (LOUDLY)
  • Lock door behind us
  • Go about cleaning job
Simple right? Only a deaf person would miss all that right? 


Last Friday, after the concussion, we went to our next house and did aaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllll that before starting to clean. We split up the house and I got the top floor while my partner got the bottom. I gather all my crap and bump up the stairs to start in the master bedroom and just as I am walking into the bathroom to put cleaner in the toilet....

"Uh, hello there!"

Naked guy in the bathroom. The fucker must have been DEAF not to have heard all the noise we made coming in. Hell, the damn dog barked up a storm! And I guess he was in there getting dressed because the closet is in the master bathroom. Either or, I didn't need that sight on the heels of my damn concussion! (Good thing it was the sorta cute airline pilot!) I apologized and practically RAN back downstairs. 

And you might think this is a rare occurrence, but no. It isn't. I had people in Sarasota who were just as moronic and I walked in on them. Ridiculous. HHH says it's the same mentality as people who let the maids in a hotel walk in on them. I say...


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Nanna said...

Um. Wow. So does he ever come out and face you or what happens next?