Monday, March 11, 2013


It never fails to amuse me that people don't hide their secrets from the maids. Like, they totally just leave EVERYTHING out in the open. Bank statements, checkbooks, medical papers, MONEY, and today's fun find... a pregnancy test! At first I thought it belonged to the nanny. It wouldn't be a stretch. A live in nanny sometimes gets into a relationship with the man of the house. I saw it before in Sarasota when I worked cleaning down there. I asked Consuela #1 if the nanny lived in the small garage apartment we were cleaning and she surprised me by saying no, it wasn't the nanny. Actually,  it was the niece of the clients who lived in that room while she attends USF. Uh, can we say oops? I couldn't make out if it was positive or negative, (I wasn't gonna touch a peed on preggie test!), so I hope she's prepared for the outcome, whatever it was. 

We maids see everything because we have to clean up your crap. The lesson here? PUT YOUR SENSITIVE SHIT AWAY!!! I don't need to know about your STDs, loan denials, or poor decisions. I certainly don't need to be accused of stealing your jewelry so put that crap away too! Just keep your private stuff private and I'll keep cleaning up your mess!!

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