Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pew-Pew, Pew-Pew....

  • Made the above cake for Junior's birthday, which is coming up on Monday. He'll be 11 and officially a "Tween". It looks just ok, not really great. I know I could have made it better, but the carpal tunnel I had a while back has returned with a vengeance now that I'm cleaning again. He picked a Mario Bros. super star from the game. I think he'll like it. 
  • The cleaning gig is still going ok. I finally got a definitive answer from the ladies on just how I'm supposed to clean things. I now trust no one and I clean the holy living shit out over every room I'm assigned to. After being dumped alone at a job, sabotaged, booby trapped, and purposefully shown the wrong way to clean something I don't trust anyone there. 
  • Gwynnie Bee! OMG, @whatsanana turned me on to this site called Gwynnie Bee which is a Netflix for clothes!! It's awesome! You can try 3 garments out at a time, (or more for a higher fee.) and you get unlimited exchanges and choices! I can try out clothes, wear them for as long as I want and then send them back and try new clothes. I already tried the first three items sent out and I can't wait to send them back and get new stuff!! Addictive!
  • Starting the new derby league isn't going so great. No one ever comes to the practices. I may give up on it because with the job, my family, and everything else I have on my plate I have almost no time to run a league. Plus, you know.... no one wants to join.
  • King of the Nerds pisses me off. Not that the TV producers are taking advantage of a group of individuals who should know better, but the fact that these nerds don't even realize when they're being manipulated by each other!! OMG haven't these people ever watched ANY of the reality shows that have basically taken over the airwaves??? LEARN THE TELLS OF PEOPLE LYING TO YOUR FACE!!!! (rant over)
Ok that's about it for now. 

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