Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm a Human Cartoon!

Just call me friggin Wile E Coyote!

I got a concussion at the first house of the day. How did I get this, you ask? Well it went kind of like this...

We arrive to the first house of the day. I get the master suite and the kid's section to do, while my partner gets the kitchen, dining, living, & laundry rooms. I found THIS in the bathroom waiting for me.

So I get through cleaning all that crap up, (and believe me! There was a shit load more where that came from!) and I get to the kid's section of the house. I look in the kids rooms and of course there's shit on the floors. Let's just leave all our crap everywhere because that's what the maids are for, right? WRONG! So I walk in the first kid's room and try to turn on the light. No dice. Light is either blown or not hooked up. Ok. Then I go into the dark ass room and open the shades. Not too much light filtering in thanks to being on the shady side of the house. The whole room is painted a dark navy blue. I mean REALLY DARK. Like, until I opened those blinds, it was inky black in that damn place! With the watery light from the window, I start picking shit up off the floor. I bend down and scoop up notebooks, boxer shorts, etc... straighten up quickly and,


I had cleaved my skull with a shelf that was mounted to the wall. And it wasn't just hung on the wall. Remember how I have been complaining that people in that neighborhood don't mount their stuff to the walls properly? Well, these folks did. Flush mounted with metal anchors, I tore that bitch ass shelf right outta the drywall! I shudder to think how damaged my head would have been if it had been mounted into the wall studs.

But that wasn't the end.

As I was crouched there, fearing to move lest I do more damage to the wall or my head, I suddenly felt a hard THUMP to my skull. Then another. Then another. THEN ANOTHER. All in all, 7 baseballs rolled off that shelf and smacked me. 

Yeah, you heard me. Just like in the cartoons, I smashed my head into a shelf, then sat there as baseballs rolled off said shelf and knocked me silly. All that was missing was the cartoon sound effects. The client came running at the sound of the crash and kept asking me if I was alright. I assured her I was ( I wasn't), apologized profusely, and assured her that it was mostly my pride that was wounded. The client wasn't worried for the shelf that got knocked down. She said they were about to remodel anyway. In reality, I was dizzy, nauseous, and a little woozy. I finished the house and texted boss lady about what happened. She asked me if I was ok and I said kinda, but I wanted to finish the day. I did finish out. Probably shouldn't have. I know I shouldn't have. I knew I had a concussion because I felt like I did the last time I got one in derby. It wasn't as bad though. I wasn't confused or not able to think clearly. I went home & made cupcakes & dinner for my birthday girl. That proved I still had all my mental faculties!
 I do have a HUGE headache though!

Oh, and I walked in on a naked guy today too, but that's a post for another day.

How'd your Friday go?


Anonymous said...

I suppose it would be insensitive to laugh, right?

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Megan said...

Holy crap! Hope you're OK.