Sunday, March 17, 2013


  • The weekend was a blur. HHH did some side jobs on both Saturday & Sunday and I cleaned house at home while getting the laundry done. Yay weekend?
  • We are going to Disney next weekend. This is a HUGE stride for us after the debacle of job loss and car loss. It's another step to getting back to normal. It's really important. Don't you dare laugh.
  • I am basically gonna kill myself Monday thru Thursday at work. The chick that was trying to get me in trouble by boobytrapping me has the whole week off. I don't know if she asked to be off or if she's in trouble, but ouch. I'm gonna NEED the relaxing at WDW next weekend!
  • Yawn.
  • I'm looking forward to not seeing anyone nekkid, half nekkid, or any sort of nekkid this week.
  • I can't wait to photograph the topiary at EPCOT! 
  • That's it for now.

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