Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aw Crap!

Did 4 houses today. The first 3 were ok. The last one was a different story.

I got the back half of the house to work on. A simple upstairs bonus room and then two bedrooms and a bathroom.Piece of cake, till I got to the bathroom. It seemed that they had had a clogged toilet at some point in the past week or so. It also apparently overflowed. I guess it must have been really stuffed up cause it looked as if they had to cut the toilet out of the floor and clean it out to reinstall said toilet back in place. The genius who did the job was apparently a moron because when they refit the toilet back in place with the new wax ring seal, THEY CAUGHT THE RUG IN THERE SO NOW IT'S STUCK THERE! Even worse, if someone ever pulls that rug out of there it will break the seal and cause another plumbing problem!. Either or, I was cleaning shit (literally) up all over that bathroom. It was everywhere. 

SO that was the highlight of my day, how about yours?

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