Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So, that photo up there happened today while the Consuela's and I were out cleaning. I was worried about the weather all day when I looked online and saw the weather warnings. Word like "severe" and "Tornado watch" were bandied about excessively. I drove all the kids to school and went off to work myself.

I got there and it hadn't started raining yet, but it was coming. Finally around 11 the bottom fell out. It was pretty damn funny watching us try and scramble in and out of the houses. It came a windy, howling, downpour. After watching it go by, I saw that photo above when I checked my phone on the way to house #4.


Now, I have lived in Florida for a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time. Hell, in 2011 I sat through a tornado in our truck as it passed over me in Valrico! When it comes to weather, I always have a plan no matter what. I got to thinking.... when we are out cleaning, we need to think about where to go should a sudden weather emergency happen! I immediately looked for the lowest, inside, windowless room n the very next house.

What gets me is, I have been in weather before and even while cleaning before and have actually had clients say "You'll grab my patio furniture if a tornado comes, right?"

Uh, not just no but HELL NO!

If I see something like that coming my way I'm gone. Fuck the vacuum, fuck the outdoor furniture, and sorry bout your luck if you didn't make the closet before I slammed the door! Only thing I'll slow down for is to grab the dog or cat in it's kennel!

Cause that's how I roll in the severe weather hood, yo!

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