Monday, February 4, 2013


Last night's Super Bowl was excellent. I love a nail biter game where you aren't sure who's going to win until the very end. I saw a lot of missed calls on both sides though, and that disappointed me. What disappointed me more was the nit picky fights that seemed to pop up after every play. Pushing, shoving, and being a jerkwad happened a LOT! It may just be me, but when you have entered the realm of professional sports you should be above pushing & shoving like a 5 year old at little league. 

The commercials were a bit disappointing too. Yes there were a few good ones (M&M's, Budweiser, Best Buy.), but there were tons of weird ones, so weird they ended up being gross or uncomfortable (Go Daddy, Doritos, Calvin Klein) Most funny for me was the Hyundai "Epic Playdate" ad and the Rock's Milk Mustache ad. So funny, yet family friendly. Still, the days of amazing Super Bowl ads seems to be waning. Probably the result of a sluggish economy and having to cut spending and all. One can only hope that next year will be better.

Don't ask me about halftime. The band geek in me wants it to go back to marching bands & twirlers. The. End.

The best part of last night was when the lights went out in Half the Superdome! That was hilarious! Even funnier were the Tweets about the #Blackout. In seconds someone had a faux Twitter account set up for @Blackout and it had 10,000 followers immediately. Then the jokes started rolling in. They covered everything from the 49'ers pulled the plug to slow the Raven's momentum to someone blaming Clark Griswold & Dr Doofenshmirtz for blowing the lights! Too funny. 

So the Ravens won. They fended off a 49'ers surge in the 3rd quarter that more than likely would have been blamed on the blackout if they had won. I went to bed shortly after the Lombardi trophy was awarded. It was a good evening.

Now to count the days till next fall!

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