Monday, February 18, 2013


Getting shafted by the other cleaning ladies sucks. Really, really sucks when it's the end of the day and they were supposed to help you clean a business, yet they just shove a mop at you and say "BYE" without so much as a "Do you need help?". 

I was cleaning a hair salon at the end of the day. It was my fourth and final clean of the day. My original partner had an appointment to go to at 3pm and I got to my truck, loaded up supplies, and headed out to the salon where I would supposedly meet up with the second team of ladies & we'd clean the salon together. Well, I started cleaning,...... and cleaning,...... and cleaning.......

Yeah. They didn't show. 

I thought I was going to be unable to mop the floor. My partner didn't give me my mop handle as I loaded up my truck and the shop didn't have one available for me to use. I cleaned the WHOLE salon, (it was BIG!), and then texted my boss about needing a mop. She said not to worry and that the other team was 15 minutes out.

It took them 30 minutes.

I go meet them in the parking lot and I guess I should have known something was amiss when they didn't even turn off the engine of their truck. Consuela #1 hands me a mop handle & hops back in the front of the truck. I ask if they'd like to check my work (It is only my second week), and Consuela #1 says " you do good job. I no check.". 2 seconds later they lit out of that parking lot. 

I was surprised they didn't bark the tires.

So, I go in and mop out the place, all the while saying to myself, "You gotta be KIDDING me?!?" I finish up, pack up my shit, and head back to the home office to unload & go home. I meet up with Boss Lady #1 and she seems surprised I am there. She's even more surprised when I tell her what took place. Then she got PISSED. Apparently she had specifically told team two to help me, not fuck me over. I didn't care at that point, I just wanted to go home. I was tired. My feet hurt. I was hungry. Boss Lady #1 apologized and I said it was ok as long as I get all the time in for that client. No sharsies on that one!

So I guess it was "Haze the new lady" day at my work. Now I wonder what tomorrow is gonna bring.

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