Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Contractor's Special

Since beginning work for the cleaning company, I've noticed they mostly wok in the FishHawk area of Lithia.   It's a community that basically exists because a developer bough a shit load of land and started making a planned town there. All the houses are almost exactly like their respective neighbors. The only difference I can see is the mini neighborhoods vary in price with some being more expensive so the houses are bigger or better equipped. There's also another, more sinister aspect that I've taken note of in each of these places....

The Contractor's Special.

Yes, yes, the contractor's special. It is EVERYWHERE in FishHawk. What is a contractor's special you ask? Well, you know how when you go to Sam's Wholesale, Costco, etc... and you get a better price for buying in bulk? Same thing, only this contractor's special always includes the cheapest, most flimsy things you'd use to build a house. Sounds awesome, right? WRONG!!

If you pay $500,000+ for a house in a snazzy neighborhood with an HOA, lawn care, and a fancy clubhouse in every hood, you think you'd get a good toilet and toilet seat right? Nope. All I have seen are the thinnest of thin cheap plastic toilet seat on stock toilets connected to the water supply with cruddy poly piping. You know what all that will get you? A HUGE plumbing problem a year  down the road when the poly gives way or the seat cracks out. The same contractor's special shit is all over those houses. Cheap tile, cheap cabinetry, cheap windows. It doesn't end.

So my question is... how much profit are these construction companies, real estate companies, and HOA's making off these places? If the cheapest house I work in is $450,000, I wanna say they are making at least 60% if not more. Highway robbery! And these people probably have no idea they are being ripped off! I am so glad HHH knows what he knows. We won't get ripped off. Hell, we were able to negotiate a better rent because HHH knows what he knows. Hell, HHH is redoing the bathroom for me here. 

You get what you pay for? Apparently not in FishHawk!

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