Friday, January 18, 2013

Sidewalk Talk

All this hooha over sidewalks the last couple days got me thinking about how folks here use the sidewalk.

It's basically, "I'm walkin' ova heah!" 

Yeah, having to ride the shoe leather express(Thank you asshole BIL) ever since October, we use a LOT of sidewalks now. I admonish the kids to always be aware of the sidewalk and it's occupants. Don't hog the center of the sidewalk. Watch out for cars turning into driveways, use the crosswalks, and always be polite to your fellow walkers.

That's not difficult right? Seems pretty straight forward. Well, most folks here don't do those simple tasks associated with walking on a sidewalk. We have those special kinds of people who barrel down the center of the sidewalk and give YOU a scathing look when you don't jump out of their way! Just this morning, I was almost bowled over by a woman walking her kid to school when she refused to scoot over so I could stay on my side of the sidewalk. I was already all the way over to the right, but as we approached each other  from opposite directions, I could tell she wasn't going to move. My choice was a puddle left over from last night's rain, or bumping into this rude/oblivious person. I chose the bump. It is, after all, my side of the sidewalk! I got a grunt & dirty look, as expected, but why should I soak my shoes for this lady's enjoyment? Hopefully, once the new sidewalks go into service, they'll be wide enough for everyone to enjoy. It seems people here like having more room to roam, and the kids need more space for their bikes & scooters.

Maybe it's a sign of the times where we no longer offer common courtesy to our fellow man. Every man is only out to better himself at the expense of others. This shouldn't be new to me, but it's a simple sidewalk. I expected more of folks.

Silly me.

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Poppy said...

Sometimes I will completely stop and make that person choose to go around me. Sometimes I will yell "human!" or "pick a side". Sometimes I go for the bump. :)