Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping Fabulous Style!

When it comes to grocery shopping, I don't like it. Most shoppers in grocery stores are rude. They will park their carts in the most inconvenient place, let their crotch spawn run hog wild, and basically make the buying experience intolerable. Don't believe me? Just google People Of Wal-Mart and take a look. My solution to that is to only go once a month. We arrange things so we go shopping in one big trip once a month. We own a freezer chest, so meats and frozens will keep.  I separate the meats into meal portions, wrap everything, and into the freezer they go. We also get sliced deli meat & cheeses for the kid's lunches and I portion those out to freeze as well. Only things we have to go to the store for during the month is fresh veggies & salad mixes.

Now that it's a new year & the holidays are over, it's time to do a little spring cleaning on our eating habits. The pies, cookies, and cakes are gonna get replaces with fruits & veggies. The soda is going to be replaced with water and juices. The heavy carbs are going to get replaced with lighter, more digestible carbs.  I figure if I replace the fatty stuff with healthier choices, I'll be making us all healthy and hopefully the family won't notice! (Yeah, right

It's worth a shot, right?

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