Monday, January 28, 2013

Hunting & Shifting!

I am looking for a job. Part time, nothing fancy, and I'm not afraid to get dirty. HHH's friend is loaning us a truck till we get our taxes can buy a vehicle of our own and that means I can expand my looking out to farther than I can walk, which is a good thing! It also means I'll be able to pick up & drop off the kids at school in inclement weather!(It doesn't get really cold often, but it does rain more than usual.) We've been car shopping as much as we can seeing as how we were walking to the car lots as well. The fun part of all this?

It's a manual transmission!

Oh I am sooooo rusty at shifting! Last manual transmission vehicle I owned was a Dodge Stealth back in 2000. Now THAT was a car! So speedy, so fun, so don't know how I didn't kill myself or end up in jail from speeding on the highway! Now I'm trying to remember how all that worked and apply it to a Ford Ranger. LOL! I have only stalled once so far! All I know is I better learn quickly because.....

The Xterra we have been leaning towards purchasing is a standard!


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