Thursday, January 17, 2013

Certain People Are Sometimes VERY Stupid.

Yes, I know that is a vastly broad statement, but bear with me. This is a tale of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

Last month a flashing sign went up by Jr's school saying the RR crossing would be closed the next week for CSX to do repairs on the railroad ties. Ok. no problem. I went into the office to ask questions about it and they had NO CLUE about it. Great proactive administrating right there. So then we waited for the next week and..... nothing happened. I guess CSX forgot or got held up on another repair job. We went on our merry way and nothing was out of the ordinary. At least, not till last week.

Last week we got a letter from the school saying CSX was now ready to close the RR crossing to vehicle traffic and make the repairs. They had spoken to a supervisor at CSX headquarters who assured our school administration that the pedestrian crossings would STAY OPEN. (The school sits right next to the RR tracks.) As many as 100+ kids come across that RR crossing every school day, some as young as kindergarten! The next available cross over is a half mile down the nearest cross street that takes kids next to  a busier 4 lane street. Not exactly the safest route, which was why the school was concerned about the pedestrian crossing staying open. The day arrives, the crossing is closed to vehicles and what happens? When the principal goes to talk to the jobsite foreman, that guy say no way is the crossing going to be open to foot traffic. WHAT? Are you KIDDING me? 

So now we have to leave earlier & for the week and possibly Monday I have to walk to & from school with him.(dangerous 4 lane street remember?) A lot of kids will have anywhere from a half mile to a mile plus added to their commute.(Ours is about an extra half mile either way.) And to compound matters?


Yep. As if taking a longer way to school isn't enough, the kids have to dodge construction, concrete, and heavy machinery. There is NO OTHER WAY to get where they need to go. This is ridiculous!! It would have been better to do those things in summer, when school was out. I guess that makes too much sense. 

All I know is, when they get done pouring that damn concrete in front of our place, I'm gonna sneak out & leave a butt print in their precious project! 

Take that, stupid non-logical construction people!

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