Saturday, January 5, 2013


I don't make this a largely public thing, but I have been the victim of gun violence. 

In the fall of the year 2000, my marriage was falling apart. My then husband and I had marital problems (and he had mental & health problems) that came to a head one day at our home in front of our children, that head being him pointing a black powder rifle at us and firing. Luckily, he didn't want to hurt the kids, so he had only put waddings into the barrel, not a musket ball and we were alive. I grabbed kids, called 911, and waited for it all to be over. 

I had just been shot at. It wasn't the first time. In college, I was shot at while I worked at Arby's in Gainesville. In my youth, someone was trying to shoot at an alligator in the canal out back of our home, missed, and almost hit me when the shot ricocheted off the water. Basically, if you live in America, you might get shot, accidental or otherwise. If you live in America, you might get in a car accident, accidental or otherwise. You might even b a victim of medical malpractice, accidental or otherwise. It happens. You know what isn't going to make it stop happening? Taking that stuff away.

If you take away medicine, it will stop medical malpractice. I mean, if there isn't any medicine, it can't be administered incorrectly, therefore no one is gonna die fro medical malpractice, right? And car accidents..... what if everyone stopped driving? That would sure cut down on the car accidents, right? Oh and what about alcohol?? If we take that away from the equation then drunk driving, bar fights, and drunken regrettable tattoos all get stopped immediately! We can't lose!

What's that, you say? People will die without medicine? And people won't be able to work & support their families without cars? And what?? People NEED alcohol to have a good time? Really? They do? I could have sworn folks could entertain themselves without it, but ok... if you say so.

The same thing can be said about guns and it is being said right now. People want guns to be taken away from everyone except law enforcement & military. I understand that knee jerk reaction. I get it. I just don't think it's feasible. I don't see it. Guns will always be available to the criminal element. They will ALWAYS get them. You can't stop someone who is already breaking the law by passing more laws they just won't pay attention too. Isn't gonna work. What we need to do is educate the citizenry. We need to concentrate on the mental health of our citizenry. We need to secure our places of learning. We need to do all these things and more. Guns will never go away because our country was founded on them. 

And don't tell me we need to get back to religion either. Because right before my now ex husband shot at us he yelled....

"In the name of the Lord our Father I smite thee and thy demons!"

And then he fired.

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