Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Go the fuck home 2013, you're drunk.


2013 wasn't drunk? It was just being a son of a bitch?!?

Well ok then. 2013 can kiss my ass then.

We've all loved, lost, and learned in the past 365. 

Hey 2014!! 

Don't be a complete asshole to me and my friends, k??

PS- Have a safe celebration tonight. If you over imbibe and you're in the Tampa area, call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO and get a safe ride home. (as long as it's w/in 10 miles of where they picked you up!) 


Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best Craigslist Ad EVER!!

This has to be one of the best Craigslist ads I have ever seen!! Read it & you too will see the brilliance!

1985 VT1100 Bobber is up for sale ~ $1800 OBO ~ 

Hey there bad-ass, ever feel like there's a caged animal trapped inside of you?

Only one cure for that: getting a sick motorcycle. A 1985 Honda VT1100. This Blue, Black and Chrome lady will get you to work like a full-blown go hard, transport you and your shotgun through the zombie apocalypse, and give you a new platform for barreling down the boulevard with the wind tearing at your clothes screaming, "I AM ALIVE!".

Runs like corn through a goose, slick as snot.... 

I put new paint on the old girl, because you don't deprive a classy lady of looking good. I gave her a new apes because she needed some style. I lowered her down 4 1/2 inches just to make sure she was not taller than her date. 

Electric start, freaking push start, you name it whatever you decide to do.

Why am I selling it? Cos being alive rules, and I'm far too gnarly of a dude to have a motorcycle. I see a ramp, I'm gonna hit that damn thing going 300 mph, back flip over the Skyway and be asked to do it again and I don't want to make anyone feel bad about this girl being so awesome.

$1800 gets you the Blue Betty, No helmets because everyone should see you riding this kick ass girl, plus all the oil that's up in her right now, hell I will even throw in a full tank of PREMIUM GASOLINE, a cup of coffee with me and whatever kind of doughnut you want.


Serious Inquires only...

Friday, December 27, 2013


The gifts have been opened,
The stockings unstocked.
The toys have all been played with,
The video games have rocked!

The leftovers have been pick through,
The eggnog has been drunk.
The dogs have stolen nibbles,
The cookies have been dunked.

Yeah..... that's all I got. What can I say, It's hard to be poetic when you're still cleaning up from Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

As long as I have these people, and the others who have included me in their awesome tribes, I will never be poor. I will never be lonely. I will never be alone.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


This is going to be the best Christmas ever because I know there are people who love me & my family!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

So Some Guy Tried To Pwn Me On Twitter....

... and failed miserably! 

Now I don't go looking for a fight on social media. (Contrary to what happened to me in September.) I usually observe others interactions and just leave well enough alone. Usually there has been someone that says exactly what I was thinking anyway, so why offer up my carcass to the rabid vultures who occupy the internet. I saw this photo this morning....

That is right. Someone at a sign company employed by the State of Florida misspelled Dairy. After seeing that, the following ensued.....

*@TampaBayTraffic-Sign #fail... We're gonna need a Sharpie in Largo. RT @IONTB: Installed on Bryan "Dariy" Road at Starkey. pic.twitter.com/4LLmup0drU
*@blondefabulous-@TampaBayTraffic That's our public education system in action right there!
*@raidmagic-@blondefabulous @TampaBayTraffic Don't blame the public education system blame the parents that dont take an active roll in their kids lives
*@TampaBayTraffic-@raidmagic @blondefabulous Lol I think you meant "role."
*@blondefabulous-@TampaBayTraffic See!? @raidmagic just totally made my point!!
*@raidmagic-@blondefabulous @TampaBayTraffic Unfortunately not, I went to a private school
*@blondefabulous-@raidmagic @TampaBayTraffic You get what you pay for, I guess. :)

Yup. Some guy on Twitter tried to be an ass to my flippant remark about education and I & @TampaBayTraffic more or less pwned him. Usually I'd have stuck to my policy of letting it go, but the incorrect word usage plus the lack of punctuation was hard to resist! Then when the guy tried to  one up me with his revelation that he went to private, not public, school.... well, I couldn't help myself!

Thanks Monday. I appreciate your nod to me having a stressful week and trying to make me feel better. I guess we'll pick up where we left off next Monday?


Saturday, December 14, 2013


  • I was almost run over last Tuesday. I was walking to my cleaning client when I heard a squeal of tires. I looked to the left really fast to see some douche in a BMW SUV running a stop sign at a high rate of speed. He was hanging a right and was going SO FAST his passenger side wheels came up off the pavement. He over corrected and ended up driving on the sidewalk I was currently occupying. I lunged to the left to avoid being hit ON THE SIDEWALK!!!! It hurt something in my foot which has been aching ever since.
  • Landlord threatened to throw us out a week before Christmas. Luckily I am resourceful and, with the help of some awesome people, was able to raise over $1000 in 24 hours. 
  • My Christmas cactus is blooming a whole month early! Usually it waits till January, but I guess it realized I needed a sign that everything would be alright.
  • HHH got a job at a pest control company.
  • I don't like the USPS anymore. I sent a package of cookies to a good friend in NY and they eventually got there in a million pieces. I was so heartbroken to see the photos. My cookies are little pieces of art. I slave over them because I want them to be perfect and bring joy to those who are getting them. So much for writing FRAGILE all over the box in red marker!
  • Stores are NUTS this time of year.

Friday, December 13, 2013

New Day.

Our emergency is past. Out landlord got her money. Apparently both the apartment on the very end, and our smoking neighbors are leaving at the end of the month. Add that to her son, who also lives here, losing his job as well and she was looking at only 2 of 6 apartments paying her. I totally understand her needs. I just hope she was as stern with the other folks as she was with us. 

And now my gift for the season is this. My Christmas Cactus has bloomed a whole month earlier than it usually does! So beautiful!

Merry Christmas indeed!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thank You

Thanks to the kindness of friends & strangers alike, we met our goal and got the $900 and then some! 

You raised $1,010.00

112.22% to Goal
Overall Goal: $900.00


Icannot thank everyone enough. You guys shared my Go Fund Me page far and wide. We made the $900 in less than 14 hours. My husband is flabbergasted! Right now, we're just waiting for the money to be transferred into our bank account so we can withdraw it and pay our landlord.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not gonna sit back and rest on that. I'm still hustling out there to get more jobs for cleaning, selling my cookies (do NOT misconstrue that!), and basically doing anything I can to bring home extra bacon to supplement what HHH is doing with his new job. 

I'm a hustler, yo. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Please Help Me!!

This is it. 

We are going to be evicted come Monday if I can't raise $900 to give them. 

Yes, the week before Christmas we are going to be homeless. How do I tell my kids that piece of news? How do I tell them we are in a hole so deep we won't be able to get out? I was already going to have to tell them Xmas was going to be incredibly lean, but now? Now I have a whole new set of problems.

So tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be walking from church to church, asking, no BEGGING for help. I'm about to get a cardboard sign and sit on a street corner. I have no shame, no pride when it comes to keeping a roof over my kids' heads. I've even gone so far as to set up a GoFundMe page. 

Please donate to keep my kids in their home. They don't deserve having a bullshit loser mother, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna see them have to have Christmas on a bench in the park. Please please please....

Help these kids.

And here is my GoFundMe Page..... http://www.gofundme.com/5p899k

Saturday, December 7, 2013


It's that time again. People are posting about their Elf on a Shelf and how "magical" it is, and how the kids "love" seeing where the elf is the next morning.

Just stop it. Stop it right now.

It's not cute. It's creepy. I remember many a Twilight Zone or horror movie that had dolls that moved. I have cleaned houses that had dolls and I swear they were looking at me with soulless, rage filled eyes, but this elf thing.... I have no words. Who wants to sleep in a house where a maniacally creepy cute doll is watching you while you sleep? Seriously?? No thank you.

I do have to say though, that I have enjoyed the photo posts some folks have made of that little bastard not being quite so angelic! 

At least the creep has good taste in whiskey.

So, to reiterate my point, JUST STOP WITH THE ELF!! Make a different holiday tradition, like me. Tomorrow I'm cleaning the bathroom mirror and then using oil ir wax to write 

"I'm watching you. Better be good for goodness sake!"

I'll take that Parent of the Year award now, if you please.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Best Memory of Christmas

Quite a while back, I entered a contest about "Your best Christmas Memory". I put in mine, and even though I didn't win, it still holds as my best memory of Christmas ever because of what it taught me.

I was 15. You know the age... young, indestructible, full of life, only wants to hang with friends NOT family..... yeah, I was that kid. I remember a lot of calls for my Dad that fall about how his mother, my Granny as we called her, wasn't doing very well. I had overheard Mom and Dad talking about making a trip up north soon to visit with her because the family didn't think she'd make it till our yearly visit on Easter weekend. I wasn't really keeping up with it. I had a super cool boyfriend at the time and I was chit chatting with my best friend about what parties we were going to go to for the holiday. Then a week later, my parents dropped the news that we were going up north for Christmas.


Ugh! I was thinking... "Aw man! No boyfriend kisses under the mistletoe, no parties with my best friend, no tree, no home cooked meals, no opening gifts Christmas morning, nothing!!" I was pissed. (Did I mention I was a complete ass as a teenager??) So, as soon as school got out the Friday before Christmas break, we hit the road to drive the 500 miles up to my father's ancestral home. It was also cold that year, and there we were, total Florida teen plus Mom and Dad, stuck in a mini van on I-75 headed up to even colder northern regions.

So there I was, cold, alone, and sulking in the back seat of my parent's mini van. It wasn't the greatest trip. In an effort for my Mom to make me feel better about the trip, she asked me to make a mix tape (hey it was over 20 years ago!) of Christmas music for us to play on the van tape player. Yeah... I put in "Home For The Holidays" about 5 extra times on that joker. (see.... ass.) I was refusing to talk to my Mom and Dad. Every time they asked me what was wrong, I threw on my headphones to my walkman,(damn I'm telling my age!), and zoned out, ignoring them. In my own teenage way I was exacting revenge during a holiday that most people get closer on. As I sat there sulking in my own little world, hating that I wasn't home....

There it was!

My Dad had gotten into the left passing lane on I-75 somewhere up in Georgia. There was some shitty looking Chevy Chevette up ahead he was trying to go around. As we got closer, I noticed there was something weird about the Chevette, something attached to it and facing backwards. As we got closer, I made out an 8 point buck, mounted in a sort of show box, perched on the rear of the car. It has a red lightbulb nose, ornaments and tinsel on the antlers, and a Santa hat! The box was decorated with shiny garland and twinkly lights and when the driver tapped the brakes, the nose lit up!! I giggled to my self and wondered who would drive something like that? My Dad began to pass the car and that's when I saw. It was the man himself.... Santa Claus, or at least an unreasonable facsimile! Driving the shittiest Chevette I have ever seen with a jolly Rudolph head attached to the back, was a fat man in a Santa suit waving out his open car window wishing us a merry Christmas and safe travels! After we passed I had to ask myself if it was even real. My Mom and Dad were laughing and I joined in. Suddenly we were laughing and talking and everything was OK. That's when I knew.

I knew that no matter where we were, it would always be Christmas. I knew that there would always be people who carry on the spirit of the holiday's no matter where you were, Home, a Highway, a Hotel, anywhere. I knew that I was only hurting myself by resenting my parents for this trip. I learned that the people you love don't last forever, so you better love them right now. My Granny passed away the next November. It turned out that that WAS her last Christmas and it meant the world to her that all of her sons came to be with her for that holiday. I learned so much that holiday, and I did it without ribbons. I did it with out tags. I did it with out packages, boxes, or bags!

So there it is.... my best Christmas memory. I was with my family.
I've held on to that memory for the longest time.


AUGH!!! SHE'S 17!!!!!


I love you baby! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I am thankful for my family, no matter what our problems are. And I am extremely grateful for the folks who keep us safe and give up their holiday so we can spend ours together.

Thank you.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013


I've never been a huge fan of Legos. As a kid, my mother banned them along with playdough, paints, and modeling clay. (My mom wasn't big on any toys that could make her house messy.) As an adult who cleans up after folks, legos are still not popular with me. They hurt like a bitch when you step on them, and I have sucked up dozens in various vacuums. So yeah, Legos & I aren't really acquainted, but this?

This is just cute! 

Want one of your own?? Go here and start making one!

Here's to a week of not getting up early!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


There was a shooting, 1/4 of a mile from our house. 
1 block from Jr's old elementary school. 
Right along the route my 2 youngest take to their middle school.

This? Is the cops taking down a suspect.


I had already sent Eldest to school 20 minutes earlier but elected to keep Mo and Jr home. We locked ourselves inside the house, armed ourselves, and are now hunkered down with snacks & hot chocolate! 

2 victims were flown to hospitals and there isn't any updates on their conditions. I hope they're ok. The cops are still looking for anywhere from 2 to 5 suspects in the shooting. At least 5 to 7 schools are on lockdown along with every day care in the area.We will be snuggled in bed, watching cartoons & peeping out the windows. The drone of the Sheriff's chopper has been constant since 7am. HHH had already left for an interview, so when a news report said a Good Samaritan had tackled a suspect that had outrun a sheriff's deputy, I was worried it was him. It wasn't, thank goodness, but that's how HHH is. He'd have run that guy to ground.

So now we sit.... and wait.... Choppers circling, police searching.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My "Other" Husband

Yup. My cat.

This was tonight. He got up on the bed & just made himself at home. He sat back, watched TV with us, and I swear if he had pants on that left paw would have been down them!

He also snores & farts.
He's a man in cat form!

Friday, November 15, 2013

And Suddenly My Day Isn't So Bad.

Are you following #SFBatkid on Twitter?


What is happening right now in San Francisco is amazing.

Suddenly, I feel a little lighter, and it's not because I lost some fluids out my tear ducts!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013



Things are getting bad. My colossal mistake at the Unicorn has been rolled into HHH being laid off from his job because his bosses invested all their money in a MLM scam and had to lay off all their employees. HHH hasn't been able to find another job yet. Compound that with having no car because it got repossessed and we are in a world of shit. 

And if I hadn't gotten fired, we wouldn't be in this position. I would have made enough on my own that we'd have been ok.

Now I feel even worse.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we are 2 weeks past due on our rent as well. Our landlord is understanding, but probably not THAT understanding. Sigh.... I really fucked up this time huh?

Oh Morning...

Why are you always so early??

Why can't you just be latte'?

Saturday, November 9, 2013


See that in the photo? That's our beloved kitty Fluffawuffagus. Last night I was in between him and HHH and they were competing in a snore off.

Nah, I don't need sleep!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You Tart!

I was experimenting with an apple tart recipe today. 

I had to chop & pre cook the apples.

Then I made a streusel topping.

Then It was baking time!

And voila'! Apple tarts. I tried them out on the family and after some feed back, I have a tweaked recipe that I'm gonna use on Thanksgiving and beyond!

I'm gonna have to make this again, but with a drizzle of rum flavored icing!! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Merry Don't You Even DARE!

OK, why do we have to have Christmas so early?


I want to enjoy my seasons. Granted, living in Florida there are maybe three seasons; Summer, 2 months of winter, and Rainy, but you want to enjoy them. In October I want to enjoy Halloween. In November I want to enjoy Thanksgiving. In December I want to enjoy Christmas. Is that too much to ask? Wall to Wall Mart started putting up Holiday decore' in the first of October. I've seen shopping centers & office parking lots putting up their Christmas light pole decorations.  

I can't deal with this.

I say we put our collective foot down and hit 'em where it hurts... in the bottom line! I refuse to buy any and all holiday stuff out of season. That means I'll buy my Halloween gear in October, my Thanksgiving food & decorations in November, and my Christmas items in December. I will not budge on this. 

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n compras navideƱas!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013


After all the crap of the last 2 weeks, I have been mostly holding in something pretty awful that was happening alongside my faux pas....

I almost went blind.

No, it wasn't from me running with scissors, or using a Red Ryder BB Gun.... it was mostly my own fault. I have worn contacts since I was 13. When I was told I'd need glasses in 7th grade, I was excited... till I went to school and was bullied. 4 eyes. Nerd. Geek. And you have to remember that back then? That was not an awesome thing like it is today. As soon as the doctor said I was old enough, I hit the contact lens band wagon. I have always worn them and only used my glasses for before bed so I could see to brush my teeth. I also never had any trouble with them. I put them in, took them out, and cleaned them regularly. 

Over the years, time & money has dictated when I get my contacts updated, and I will be the first one to admit I try to make those little pieces of plastic stretch farther than they should. I'm more inclined to send my kids to get their eye exams than go for myself. I finally did go a few weeks ago. I was starting to not be able to wear my contacts more than 7 hours at a time and by the end of the day they were painful! My vision was blurry more often than not. I finally got an appointment with my kid's eye doc and my first clue that I was in trouble was the pre exam where the guy asked me if I had a really bad astigmatism. Yes, I have an astigmatism, but it was never that bad. I get into the chair, the guy does his thing with the old "Which is better, 1 or 2?" deal and after getting WAY close to my eyeballs, turns to me and say...

"Your eyes are so inflamed and swollen they are in danger of rupturing."

Uh, holiday-whoobie-whaty

Yup. I had an infection on both eyes. The pain? Corneal abrasions. Not being able to wear my contacts longer than 7 hours? My eyes had swollen to the point that they no longer fit at all. I was told I couldn't get a new eye script until following a 7 day regimen of eye drops and throwing away ALL of my contacts, solution bottles, cases, etc. EVERYTHING! 

Oh. Joy. 

Now? I had them rig up my old glasses (10 years) and I started dropping shit in my eyes like it was crack. One of my fears in life? Not being able to see. So I dropped drops in my eyes right on time, every time! Even during the frackas I created, I still dropped it like it was hot. I can get another job. I can't replace my eyes. (OK yeah you can replace parts of your eyes, but that wasn't going to be an option for me.)

So, we go back a week later. I'm super nervous. I get in the chair and after the "1 or 2" deal, I get approved for new glasses. A week ago, my eyes were so swollen even if I had gotten a prescription for new lenses, it wouldn't have done any good because after the swelling went down my prescription would change again. As long as I didn't skip any of the rest of my drops, I was no longer in danger of having my eyeballs pop like grapes in a press! I got new glasses and a trial pair of contacts I haven't tried yet. Maybe I'm a little gun shy.

So in the midst of personal tragedy I had a moment of clarity on what's really important. People make mistakes. Some big, some small, and some that could change the way you look at the world. Being able to see the people who love me?


Friday, October 25, 2013


And that is why I make sure I have an iced caramel mocha latte ready and waiting for when Mo gets up for school.

It's all about self preservation, yo.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Same Song...

...one year later. Nothing has changed. I'm not surprised. We just can't win. Seriously. We just can't. One step forward & two steps back every fucking time.

I should be used to it. We should be used to it. 

You never get used to it. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The (Stalker) "Girlfriend".

I've been on Twitter and Facebook lately mentioning a girl who has the puppy love for our son, Junior. At first I thought it was cute, but lately.... I'm starting to think differently. Here's how it went down....

In September,  a girl in Junior's classes started taking a shine to him. What can I say... my son is a hottie! Anywho, she "walked"(followed) him home from school one afternoon. I suspect this was to find out where he lived. She sat outside and talked to him for about 30 minutes then she went home. It eventually turned out that she got in trouble for walking home with him and was grounded for a week. Then a week later she came over again, this time with permission, and invited Junior to her brother's birthday party... that was happening in one hour.... even though Junior didn't know who her brother even was! We had to decline that invite, but Junior instead invited her to come over on that Sunday to play video games. She accepted. Everything went well. He sent her off on her merry way later. She had asked Junior for his phone number as well and she's been calling quite a bit.  This is cute and all, but there's just one problem...

Junior isn't interested.

He's just not into girls right now. I'm sure he will be into girls eventually, but right now he's more into video games, and YouTube videos of game hacks, and bikes, and stuff of that nature. Girls are still icky and gross. Girls remind him of his sisters and how they bug the crap out of him. He is trying SO HARD not to hurt her feelings. 

Today when HHH and I came home from work the girl was standing on our front porch, waiting for Junior to come out and talk to her. Sigh... 

Love is hard, yo!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where The Hell Have I Been?!?

Wow! Been so busy with work and family, I haven't written diddly squat!  What the hell?!?

 Let's list everything I've been doing:

1. I work work work from 8-4:30. Now that i have my own truck with which to operate, I've been going out on my own calls. Boss Man seems very happy with my progress at the 30 day mark. This bodes well for me.

2. My truck is one of those Transits. It's the weird high topped mini vans you see out on the road with either a plumbing company, electircal company, or AC company logos on it. It is the smallest of all our company vans. I have affectionately come to call it 'Mini Me' but when you see our vans all parked together, it looks lile Papa Bear, Mama Bear, & Baby Bear! Too funny!

3. My cleaning clients consist of short term corporate executives, people coming In to the area for medical reasons, and military personel visiting from other countries. On Tuesdays I clean for people from Nigeria. On Wednesday I clean for the Chinese Army. ( No, I am not kidding!) Fridays are British Military cleans. In the middle of all that, I get to fluff and reset other units all over the Tampa, St. Pete, and Pinellas areas. It's a very multi cultural thing!

4. I dropped off 2 more HUGE bags of linens and towels to the animal shelter last week. I really enjoy doing thay.

5.  HHH worked on our front porch last weekend. We pressure washed the concrete, painted it with Restore, and I was able to aquire some new patio furniture.  The landlord loved it! We just made her maintenance/handy man look bad. Oops!

6. I think there's a velociraptor out by where I work. Either that, or these a damn bird with a call that sounds just like a velociraptor! Creepy.

And thats just a smattering of what went on since September 29th.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013


My husband. Protector, provider, love of my life.....

Cell Phone Killer.

Yes. I said cell phone killer. My HHH is the bane of cellular phones. He has run them over. He has mowed them down with a pro lawn mower. He has dumped them into pools twice. Now, we have the most recent murder.... he dropped his WORK cell into his cup of Mountain Dew.

Glub, glub, glub.

So now, since I have a work cell phone issued to me as well, I have given HHH my personal S3 to use in place of his work phone. He just switched the SIM card into it. He will buy a used cell off eBay or Amazon to replace the wok phone eventually. 


Friday, September 20, 2013


No not the Beatles song, my kids dealing with that every sly & elusive emotion. So far this week, Eldest broke up with her boy friend. Apparently she decided there really wasn't anything there to keep it a relationship. (He's also a sophomore and her being a junior kept them from really seeing each other during the day.) Then, while we were playing Mario Kart, a girl from the middle school knocked on the door and asked to speak with my son.

Um... whiskey tango foxtrot?!?

SO, this girl is apparently in 2 of Junior's classes at the middle school. She walked Junior home on Tuesday, even though it is 3/4 of a mile past her own house. (her parents grounded her for doing that.) Now she was at the door and asking for Junior to come to her little brother's birthday party. Her little brother is turning 10 and Junior has no idea who this kid is. Oh, and the party is in a half hour! Nope. Have diabetes. Can't do last minute invites. Then when HHH and I went to the store, the girl calls two times looking for Junior! 

Someone has a MAJOR crush on Junior.

When we got back from the store, I had Junior call her back, explaining why he couldn't come to the party. When he declined the invite, the girl must have gotten upset because we heard him tell her "No, I don't hate you." (Guilting starts early I guess.) Then he invited her to come hang out with him here at our home to play video games on Sunday. He was being so sweet and trying not to hurt this girl's feelings.

So, one child ended a relationship and another may be starting one. Probably not though because Junior said he just wants to be friends. Yup, my boy "friend zoned" someone. He learns quickly. Mo says "Dude, she's gonna kidnap you and chain you up in the attic!"

Lord, I hope not!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ball Game

So.... Bucs vs. Saints.


It rained again. This time we had 2 ponchos so we stayed dry. There was an almost one hour delay due to rain & lightnng. HHH and I just poncho-ed up and stuck it out in our seats.

Eventually the rain ended enough for me to get a weird shot of the sunset behind the stadium.

  The Bucs were the same old same old. Do just enough to keep the fans on the edge of their seats, then blow it at the end. The fans in the stands were the real show. We saw....

  • Half naked drunk chicks falling all over the place.
  • Obnoxious hecklers from both teams being complete assholes to each other.
  • Two people being escorted out of the stadium for questionable actions.
  • One man having a seizure.
  • Another gentleman being wheeled out for a different medical emergency.
  • 3 people(girls) busting their ass in cutsey sandals when climbing or descending the stadium stairs.
  • And my favorite, a 7 or 8 months pregnant woman shot gunning a beer then whipping out a pack of Marlboro menthols to go smoke.  
Holy balls! Talk about a weird opener. I hope the next few games will be a better mix of folks. There is no reason to be rude. I respect your team, please respect mine, you know?

Now the Buc's are 0-2. Those season passes are really paying off. (NOT) But HHH and I still had a great time!

Heck, it's almost impossible for us NOT to have a good time at a football game. #itsabucslife

Friday, September 13, 2013


So it's Friday the 13th, eh?

What ever. I don't believe that mess. Dudes in hockey masks with machetes. Hokum, I say!

Then THIS happened!

This guy materialized out of NOWHERE! One minute the parking lot at work was empty, next minute we have a crawdad trying to throw down! What the hell?!? Then we turn our back and he was G-O-N-E!

Touche' Friday the 13th. You now have my reserved respect.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013


I've been doing quite a bit of thinking lately. I've been thinking about...

  • My kids & their diabetes and how I can keep their sugars in control. I fear the Doctors think I'm a horrible mom.
  • The fact that this is the longest we have stayed in a place in the last 10 or so years. I put my foot down last year when HHH was let go from yet another job saying he needed to find a stable job, and that sure wasn't going to be apartment maintenance! It seems to be working out, but I'm afraid I have stifled him by demanding this change.
  • How I'm going to pay for college for Eldest. Seriously. She's smart as a whip, but I'm as broke as a joke. Scholarships may be our only option.
  • How many customers I need to survive working for myself. If I could get 5 weekly customers, I could justify upgrading my equipment and make a major contribution to our household. Right now, I make pocket $ for the kid's school stuff.
I was watching Futurama last night and I saw "Godfellas"(Season 4, Episode 8), where Bender got shot into space and ended up playing God to minuscule beings living on his body. He tries to help them and kills off a bunch. He tries NOT to help them and a bunch more get killed off. Finally, Bender ends up floating in the vicinity of a star mass that starts speaking to him.

Bender: I was God once.
God Entity: I saw. You were doing very well, until everyone died.

Yeah. I feel like that sometimes. Things go great, till everyone(figuratively) dies. And here I am trying not to let my kids (literally) die, or my husband be crushed by a job he doesn't enjoy. I don't like being the "bad" guy, but sometimes I have to be. It sucks. So now I'm trying to gather up more customers, get some shirts made, get the kids what they need for school, and run the house. Hopefully no one will die (figuratively).  My fave quote from Godfellas has to be...

God Entity: When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

I think that is going to be my personal/business quote and mantra. That and "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or one." Spock. I'll keep on chanting it.

Chanting it.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I'm gonna be busy being with my family so to entertain you, here's a shrimp.... running on a treadmill.... to the sultry sounds of Benny Hill Theme Music! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Pretty much everyone here knows HHH is my second husband. My first husband went whack a doo. Between the two of us, TONS of mistakes were made. Tons. By both of us. So after everything came to a head & a gun and shooting was involved, it was decided we would part ways. We do not speak. We do not have contact. I cannot even entertain the thought of having to talk to him without having a serious PTSD panic attack. For the last 14 years he hasn't had a job that offered health insurance. That was ok though. We have dealt with Medicaid & CMS for all of my daughter Mo's life to take care of her diabetes and the doctors have been wonderful. 

6 months ago, Mo's prescriptions started being denied by medicaid. I asked all the right questions and tried to find out why this was happening. No one knew. CMS couldn't figure it out. Medicaid couldn't figure it out. Lucky for me I had a surplus of stuff to get us by, but it has been dwindling pretty fast! I was at my wits end. Finally, at the kid's CMS endocrinology visit someone was able to tell me that my Ex had taken out insurance on her, therefore she didn't qualify for Medicaid anymore. 

Well great then. Glad after 14 years he finally paid heed to the court order. Now can I have the information so I can get Mo's prescriptions?

Oh, sorry we don't have that information.

Excuse me? How can you SAY she is covered, have proof she is covered, and NOT have the information I need to get the life saving medications to keep her alive??? CMS couldn't explain it, but they tasked me with the job of finding out myself. I had few options available to me. I called and called the medicaid hotline to try and get any information from them. My Ex had to have provided a policy number to prove he had complied with the court order, so SOMEONE had to have that number. I didn't get very far in the automated network of phones. Then I tried going to the pharmacy and giving them the ONE # I had for my EX and they could try to call him to get the information they needed to process Mo's meds. Nope. My Ex In Laws and my Ex refused to speak or return phone calls to the pharmacy AND CMS. My last and final hope was to call my local office of DCF and tell them that I was dealing with a hostile Ex and demand the insurance info or have them demand it from him. Lucky for me they gave up his policy number and the company it was through. All I had to do was call the company, provide my daughter's social# and answer a few questions. Finally! After 6 months... I had answers I needed. I could get my baby girls medicine.

Why did that seem so hard? Why didn't I just suck it up and call my Ex? Why was I being such a dumbass baby?

  1. My Ex went nuts after a traumatic event.
  2. The path of this going nuts included attending a "church" in a mobile home in the deep woods. VERY Branch Davidian.
  3. At one point my Ex actually believed he could call Angels down from Heaven to smite his enemies.
  4. When no Angels showed up to do the smiting, he got out his black powder rifle and tried to kill several people, including the kids and I.
  5. I have never been mentally "normal" after this. 
To say that I was suffering PTSD from all that and having panic attacks every time I had to explain to another new customer service representative about WHY I didn't speak to my Ex in person was putting it mildly. I was a shaking, crying mess. I'm surprised anyone could understand my gibberish. 

They say it's the bad, along with the good, that makes you into the person you are today, and I'd like to think I'm a pretty tough old bird on most days. I have a loving husband and great kids whom I love very much. So, sorry if I vented or seemed snappy on social media these last few weeks. I have, once again, dealt with an unreasonable person and have come out the other end bruised but better.

Now to gird my loins for the NEXT dumbass thing the Ex throws my way.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Turning Point.

I was driving back from my Friday client today. It was a muggy afternoon in Southwest Florida. The humidity was thick enough to cut with a machete. I drive down Hillsborough Ave In Tampa to go to and from my client out in Saltwater. As I am driving, I'm having to jog from lane to lane to avoid stupid traffic like people driving 20 miles under the speed limit, or someone having to come to a complete stop to turn into a side street. I've tried to be more forgiving of my fellow drivers. Perhaps someone is lost, or maybe their GPS is suffering a malfunction. I even find peace with the dreaded ancient crone driving her land yacht to the Hard Rock Casino even though she can't see over the dashboard! There are only 3 driving mistakes I will not forgive...

  1. Talking on the cell phone instead of paying attention.
  2. Not looking at where you're going.(ie-blind spots)
  3. Utilizing lanes for opposite purposes.
The first two are self explanatory. It has been proven time and time again that cell phone use while driving causes accidents. Many states have enacted laws penalizing texting and even talking on a cell phone without a hands free device. The look where you're going one is a no brainer as well. (Didn't stop some jackass from throwing his car in reverse to exit a parking space and almost hitting my car, THEN the guy getting pissed off at ME because I honked at him so he'd stop and NOT hit me! Sheesh!) That last one though... that one pisses me off.

Here's the scene. I am in the left hand lane approaching a traffic signal. There is a turn lane to my left, I am in the left travel through lane, and there are two more travel through lanes to my right. As I approach the intersection, I have to come to a screeching halt because some dumbass moron has missed getting into the left turn lane and is now doggedly occupying the left through lane with their blinker on, making me and everyone behind me miss the signal and possibly get rear ended in the process. What makes these people think they can just arbitrarily change the rules of the road?! I'm serious. I never saw a section in my drivers manual that said "If you miss your turn, just stop and throw on your turn signal in the travel lane. Someone might let you in eventually." No. It doesn't say that ANYWHERE! (and I have a teen who is getting her license and has studied the driver's handbook, so I'd know!) No, if you miss your turn you advance down the road, find a place to make a legal u turn, and try it again from the other direction. It's not a difficult thing to do. The way these people act, you'd think it was! It's ridiculous! 

If this was a rare occurrence, I'd let it go, but it is every damn time I drive to work. And always at the turn that takes people to the I-275 on ramp. The gall of some people being such rude drivers. It shouldn't surprise me anymore, yet I expect so much more of someone when they are behind the wheel of a 1+ ton machine that can bring death. ESPECIALLY if my kids are reaching driving age and will be on the roads with these morons!!! I guess the best defense is a good offense, so to speak.

So what is YOUR best(worst?)  "moron ignoring the rules of the road" story?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Days

I swear I haven't disappeared! I'm still here. Just trying to get stuff together for the first day of school. That would be next Tuesday the 20th. It's a yearly pain in the ass. 

An this year both my youngest are in Middle School.

So this should be fun....

Friday, August 9, 2013


So HHH got tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's preseason opener.  We went last night to watch the Bucs play the Super Bowl defending champions, the Baltimore Ravens. 

Someone was a VERY happy boy.

I even dressed for the occasion. (I'm a Jaguars fan.)

We were in the nosebleeds, but the view was amazing.

It was pretty empty in the stands.

And of course, the rain made sure to make it to the game.

Yeah... then the rain REALLY showed up to the game!

I think HHH thought I wasn't going to want to stay in the rain. I'll forgive him because he didn't know me when I was in college. He had no idea I was a member of the Crazy Fan Club. Rain, wind, lightning, cold, hail,..... IT'S FOOTBALL DAMN IT! SUCK IT UP!

In the end, the Bucs lost. I hate that pre season games are basically looked at as scrimmages because the starters play only one quarter, then they put in the second & third string. (The QB named Webber threw 3 picks in the 4th quarter. I don't think they'll be keeping him.) But it was a great time and HHH was so happy!  Best snap of the night was the above photo. The sun had broken through the clouds and shone behind the stadium. Lovely.

What did you guys do Thursday night?