Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Don't Get It?

I mentioned this on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was in need of repeating because it is a sad commentary on human beings in general.

"It may just be me, but the possibility of Syria having Sarin Gas and using it as a weapon against Israel is a more important subject for CNN to be reporting on instead of Princess Kate being pregnant or President Obama dancing the Gangnam Style dance with Psy at the White House. Sigh....."

Come on people! We can't be this fucking shallow. The NAZIS used Sarin gas to exterminate hundreds of thousands of Jews in World War Two!!! This has the potential to become a world involving nightmare, and all I can find on every fucking TV station, online news outlet, and radio station is Hypermesis, Gangnam Style, & lines of succession!! It's shameful.

We're better than a tabloid society.


Megan said...

Are we? I'm beginning to wonder. *sigh*

Vicky Ortiz said...

Completely agree. I am sick of this powderpuff news crap we are being fed!

Bijoux said...

I hear you. I keep noticing small rumblings that are decidedly anti-Semitic about what's going on over there and it's amazing how no one seems to notice or, 1941 wasn't that long ago, people!

I'm stopping by from Russ' place cuz I was missing him and his squirrel stories!