Sunday, December 30, 2012

GTFO 2012!

This year sucked. Don't get me wrong, it had it's good points, but on the whole..... IT SUCKED SWEATY DONKEY BALLS! 

Like last year, I will sum up the past annul with the most popular posts on my blog. It's kind of a meter for how I see things from this little corner.

#5- The Gift. Yeah this one was a bit difficult to write with emotions so raw after Sandy Hook, but I wasn't going to back down from something I had committed to when it came to Jr's Christmas gift. He adores his pellet gun. He is shooting at zombie paper targets, not squirrels, or cats, or even his sisters! He is learning gun safety from his dad, who learned gun safety when he was in the Navy and had achieved sniper qualifications. I believe responsible gun owners are better than a scared, unarmed populace. So shoot me.

#4- Things I Can't Believe. A bullet post of different things that made me say WTF?!? in my head that week. Things like Pepsi having to pay out in a lawsuit because they didn't hire people who didn't pass the background check, or Haley Barbour pardoning all those damn criminals at once, or the Kate +8 cruise. Things that made me go hmmmmm.....

#3- ERMAHGERD! Just a photo of a French Bulldog playing in a hose with the caption of "ERMAHGERED! WERTERPERK!"  It was one of the countdown photos I put up right before we left for Disney to celebrate my 40th birthday. Karl LOVES this one!

#2- My Boobs Are Huge. Heh, I know damn good and well pervey asses click over to this post hoping to see my tits, and they just have to be disappointed because it is a post that TALKS about how my chest grew as I started experiencing peri-menopause early in life. Heh heh.... pervs.

AND THE #1 POST OF 2012 IS........


Yes, Consuela is still being clicked on so many many times it's ridiculous! People love the graphic. People love the story about "O meal? No... no o-meal here today. You come back later." Bwah ha ha ha! Classic! 

So there ya go. Not a real best of for 2012, but a damn site better than the "Fashion Flops" or "Best Movie" drivel everyone else is doing! Now get out there and have a Happy New Year!

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Karl said...

For the record, Karl does NOT love #3.