Saturday, December 15, 2012


See that up there? That is my cat, Fluffawuffagus. He's been with us going on 8 years now. We got him when my MIL's cat had kittens and he has been ours ever since. He's pampered, probably over fed, and a throw rug most of the time. Last night he escaped the screened porch & out into the night. I was aghast. I just knew that he'd be out there, cold.... uncomfortable.... getting beat up by the local gang of squirrels. I was upset! Then, as I was walking to the laundry room to check my machine I saw him. A ghostly white face in the evening gloom. He meowed pitifully. He was on the other side of 2 different fences. I ran & got HHH and he shimmied over towards him. He was poised to run when I ran to the house, grabbed a can of tuna, and hit the can opener. HHH shooed Fluffy towards a hole in the fence and once he heard that can opener, ZOOM~~~ he was making trax for the house! I grabbed him & poof, my kitty is home!!

Oh man, I hope he enjoys that tune, because he is SSSSSOOOOOOO GROUNDED!

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