Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm THAT mom who goes all out for her kid's science project display. This year he did his actual project with HHH, so all I was in charge of was the aesthetics. So yes, we got the Art Skills string lights and the LED light up stars and the big backboard with the detachable header. I wish they had had stuff like that when I was in school. I LIVED for science fair season. (read that as NERD)

Oh well.... time to wire up that nuclear reactor & get the yellow cake uranium. (jk Homeland Security.... JK!)

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Poppy said...

;My mom never helped me with my homework and I never participated in a science fair. I wonder how that happened. She is a smart lady, but I never asked her to help with stuff, so maybe that's why?

That's awesome that you are able to help him that way.