Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well, damn.

Just when you thought it was safe to be a part of something, someone goes & changes the dynamic. I'd like to say it wasn't expected, but even with assurances from important people, it happened anyway. Now all that's left is the finger pointing and spinning of facts till it looks like no one is to blame. It had happened before elsewhere, and I'm sure if I can stomach another go, it will probably happen again. It's just how the beast works. I wish it didn't. I'd like to belong to a group where everyone is valued, not just the people who are all up in kool aid at the moment. People have lives. People have jobs. People have bad things happen that suddenly have to take center stage in their life. It happens. Just because it does happen doesn't mean you throw those people away. It especially means you don't promise those same people nothing is going to change, then change it all over night. It is NOT better to ask for forgiveness than permission in this case. It just made you look like an insensitive ass.

I'm sure I'll move on. Any contribution I made will be belittled & forgotten till suddenly it is as if I was never there. That has happened before too. Let's just hope for the ladies I leave behind that someone gets the message and doesn't do this to another group of hurt or otherwise life occupied members. Don't say "We'll be there for you!" if you don't mean it. It sucks for those of us who have found out it was only for show.

Former Skater Out. Peace.

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Poppy said...

Team sports and I don't mix. I'm sorry this happened to you.