Thursday, November 1, 2012


For trick or treating with the kids I threw on a bunch of stuff from my derby closet. I thought it was "normal" for me and I realized my mistake as soon as we it our first couple of houses. The looks, oh the looks...... one would have thought I'd dropped out of the sky from Planet Fabulous! Being election season, I got most of those "looks" from the houses that had Romney/Ryan signs in their yards and also from the house that had the giant "JESUS SAVES" banner on their garage. Once I took stock of what I was wearing, we decided I was the Gay Pride Fairy and that's why I was receiving all the disapproving looks! Just like I got evil looks from the blue hairs in the voting line the other day. Just like I get weird looks when picking up my kids from school. Restaurants. Shopping. EVERYWHERE! Personally, I could care less. I spent the first 35 years of my life trying to fit in to what everyone told me I needed to be. I'm not getting blocked in ever again.

Judgement. It ain't cool no matter what age you are. 

And that's the final word from the Gay Pride Fairy!!!!


Megan said...


Vicky Ortiz said...

I love the gay pride fairy costume! Its too true about getting the looks from people. I get mine becuase of my tattoos and piercings, but F-Them!

Michel Marcheterre said...

The looks are most likely for those weird toe shoes. :-)