Thursday, November 29, 2012


How the hell did this happen?!? When did 16 just sneak up on me like a thief in the night? 

I'm not old enough to have a 16 year old kid. I'M NOT, I SAID!!!

Her sense of humor is wry. Her wit is sharp. Her loyalty steadfast.

On this, her 16th birthday, one of the best gifts I can offer her is wisdom. Wisdom about life, philosophy, and the best time of day to purchase fresh bread. 

So here's where you people come in. What wisdom would you give a freshly minted teenager? Don't believe the hype? Old Coke beats New Coke? Batman is actually Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne??

I know the first thing I'd tell her is DON'T JUMP OUT OF MOVING GOLF CARTS, but I think we already covered that last summer.

So leave my daughter your Wisdom for 16 year olds.

I love you baby! You are gonna be the best 16 year old ever! The word is your oyster! Shuck that bitch!!


Vicky Ortiz said...

I'd tell her 2 things. Never stop having fun. Do what you love and you will always be happy.

polerin said...

I have two things for you:

1) Find something you enjoy doing by yourself, and make time to do that once a month. Even when you are 16, even if you're outgoing and mostly enjoy doing stuff with others, that kind of thing will help recharge you and clear your mind.

Mine is sitting under a tree with a book, or inside with a book and a cup of tea. Yours could be anything. Just do it alone.

2) Make a habit of surprising others with kindness. Even strangers. It'll make both of you have a better day.


Happy birthday.

metalmom said...

Going to reunions, I have learned that little things mean alot.

I sat next to a classmate I barely knew on the bus after school. The bus was full of boys from the boy's school. We were the only girls. To me, it was no big deal. Many years later, I learned that she had been raped was scared shitless to get on that bus. She remembered that bus ride and how just having someone next to her, whether we talked or not,made that one day bearable.

The lesson is this: be aware of yourself. Never miss an opportunity to be nice even if you are having a shitty day because someone else's day may be shittier.

SPK said...

Ignore everything everyone says about what you're expected to be and what's supposed to be important in this life. This life is yours and yours alone, so fill it with things you're truly passionate about, surround yourself with positivity, and fight ferociously for your right to be whatever you want.

Poppy said...

Enjoy this time, and ignore the drama. There is no hurry to grow up and take on adult problems, those never go away again once you get them.

Poppy said...

With that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *kazoo*

Megan said...

Happy Birthday!

1)Be impeccable with your word.
2)Do not take anything personally.
3)Never assume.
4)Always do your best.

And remember, kindness is a superpower.

Tina said...

Cut the drama queens out of your life and

1)make friends because networking is easier as an adult if u have friends....

2)Finish school....

3) Understand that ur mom has gone through everything that u are going through, she really does understand, ur not alone....

4)stay off drugs....

5)Don't stay with a person who hits or disrespects u.

6) Some men only want one thing .

7)U can get preg the 1st time.

8)Take care of ur self (personal hygiene) no one else will.

9)Don't drink,text,do makeup or talk on the cell and drive.....

10)have fun, ur only 16 once..... Starting to think I should write a book :-)

Happy Birthday!