Thursday, October 18, 2012

Right Now

Dear friends, 

  I am sorry my radio silence on Thursday worried everyone. It was best for my sanity that I turned everything off after what happened Wednesday afternoon. The short of it is, HHH was let go from his new job. It seems that after one week on the job, he wasn't working "hard" enough. Yeah, well in one day he took in 70 backed up work orders & brought that total down to 20. He stood fire watch for 24 hours for them when lightning struck the building. He had put in more effort in one week than most people do in a month. That didn't matter. End of business day, he was let go.

     Now, here's the part that has me in such a spiral. That nice apartment I tweeted photos of? Yeah we left our small but affordable apartment on the wrong side of the tracks for it. With the employee discount of 50%  it was even cheaper than our paid for apartment so we turned in our notice we were vacating the old property and moved into the new one last Monday. HHH gave his notice to a job that was shitty, but it was a job. So, 2 days after we left something definite, this new company plunged us into uncertain peril. Oh, we can stay at the new place, but at the regular rent since HHH no longer works here. Our savings are tapped out. We are literally about to be homeless at the end of the month. HHH is on the prowl for maintenance jobs again. He's trying to get out of the field because it is so unstable.(I'll say!)

     So, once again I'm sorry I worried you all, but really, I'm tired (And I'm sure everyone else is too) of constantly crying on the social media about my poor life and the cavalcade of misery we seem to surf on all the time. When I checked FB, I saw that Kim T. put it perfectly when she said "Hope it's another cry wolf from stress". That's me. Crying wolf all the damn time. No one needs to hear that shit right? I just needed time to think. We still don't know what we're going to do yet. I'll turn my phone back on & go back on line eventually, but for right now I'm deeply depressed, extremely scared, and I have green hair so no one will hire me. 

In short, We're screwed.

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