Sunday, October 7, 2012

Horrible Bosses.

Not the movie, which I laughed at so hard coke came out my nose, but HHH's boss at Brandon Oaks. Let me explain....

The complex is owned by one man, where most apartment communities are owned by corporations and managed by property management companies. Not Brandon Oaks. One singular guy owns this place. He has almost no cash backing to keep this place running. No cash money to pay for improvements. No cash money to fix or upgrade the units to keep up with the times and other complexes. This place is woefully behind the times. This guy who owns it is a total tool. The property manager who hired HHH quit 2 weeks after we got here because the Owner would NOT stop calling, emailing, texting, etc her. She had an ulcer. Her husband threatened to divorce her if she didn't quit. Then, when the 80 year old maintenance manager got sick and went into the hospital, the owner didn't bother to get a temp guy to help take up the slack. HHH & the other maintenance guy were stuck with all the extra work. THEN... when HHH tried to give his 2 week notice to the owner/tool, this fucking guy started THREATENING him. I kid you not, this idiot, who weighs 100lbs less than my brawny husband, started in on HHH about how "He hopes HHH's new job prospects works out because he doesn't see a future at Brandon Oaks for HHH." and "When the PM hired you she wasn't supposed to give you $15, or a rent discount, or anything! You were supposed to get $12 and nothing more! You're lucky I didn't put your family out on the street!". Who does that shit? Why would they do that? Threats are not good for business. The whole time HHH has been here he has been up front & honest with this guy about how he was looking for a better job because this douche didn't offer benefits, good pay, or an upwardly mobile position. This jackass has repaid HHH with contempt, ire, and douchey-ness. That's bullshit. 
What won't be bullshit is when, after HHH has left this horrid place's employ, the EPA, OSHA, Health Department, etc are all going to get calls about the MAJOR violations that have occurred on this property. 

Karma's a bitch dude. 

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