Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Right Now

Dear friends, 

  I am sorry my radio silence on Thursday worried everyone. It was best for my sanity that I turned everything off after what happened Wednesday afternoon. The short of it is, HHH was let go from his new job. It seems that after one week on the job, he wasn't working "hard" enough. Yeah, well in one day he took in 70 backed up work orders & brought that total down to 20. He stood fire watch for 24 hours for them when lightning struck the building. He had put in more effort in one week than most people do in a month. That didn't matter. End of business day, he was let go.

     Now, here's the part that has me in such a spiral. That nice apartment I tweeted photos of? Yeah we left our small but affordable apartment on the wrong side of the tracks for it. With the employee discount of 50%  it was even cheaper than our paid for apartment so we turned in our notice we were vacating the old property and moved into the new one last Monday. HHH gave his notice to a job that was shitty, but it was a job. So, 2 days after we left something definite, this new company plunged us into uncertain peril. Oh, we can stay at the new place, but at the regular rent since HHH no longer works here. Our savings are tapped out. We are literally about to be homeless at the end of the month. HHH is on the prowl for maintenance jobs again. He's trying to get out of the field because it is so unstable.(I'll say!)

     So, once again I'm sorry I worried you all, but really, I'm tired (And I'm sure everyone else is too) of constantly crying on the social media about my poor life and the cavalcade of misery we seem to surf on all the time. When I checked FB, I saw that Kim T. put it perfectly when she said "Hope it's another cry wolf from stress". That's me. Crying wolf all the damn time. No one needs to hear that shit right? I just needed time to think. We still don't know what we're going to do yet. I'll turn my phone back on & go back on line eventually, but for right now I'm deeply depressed, extremely scared, and I have green hair so no one will hire me. 

In short, We're screwed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This staircase almost killed me last night. As in HHH & I lugged 3 200lb dressers up it. As in I lugged boxes & furniture up it last night. As in my ass is steel now because of all the climbing. 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Car Wash!!!

Yeah. We had fun, got some dirty cars clean, & made a few bucks for the league!
What did YOU do this weekend??

Friday, October 12, 2012


It has taken me 24 hours to be able to write this without dissolving into a muddled mess of expletives & rants on the school medical system. I preface it this way because yesterday when I was trying to get answers, I did dissolve into expletives. (Only once at a real person, but in private many times.) I'll begin at the beginning. In bullet form no less!

  1. Got a call on Monday from the school health aide. She asks me if I knew I was doing my son's carb counts wrong. I explain to her that , No, I am not doing it "wrong" and that I am doing the carb counts exactly like I was taught in the Endocrinologist's office by their licensed & certified nutritionist. 
  2. To illustrate this teaching, I started writing out my son's carb calculations on his lunch note. Usually I write how many carbs his lunch is and then how many units of insulin it equals out to, eg- 77 carbs = 5 units. Now I write Sandwich=15 carbs, chips=13 carbs, etc.... add it up and divide by 15(carbs per units as prescribed by the Dr.) 
  3. The RN who oversees Jr's school seems to think I should be giving an extra unit to cover the loose carbs that are trapped in the decimal point because I rarely have the equation come out even. That would be great except the loose carbs never add up to 15 and the Dr said not to cover it and possibly induce a dramatic low in class. (Remember-the school won't do crap for you except call 911.)
  4. I thought after speaking to the Health Aide and offering to have her have the RN call me if she had any questions was the end of it. Apparently I was wrong.
  5. I get a call on Wednesday from my kid's Endocrinology office. Seems someone from the school had called them asking for something in my son's diabetes plan to be changed.
  7. It was late on Wednesday when I got that call, so no one was at the school anymore. Fine. I'll call on Thursday.
  8. I call to get a meeting with the principal, but before the meeting I go higher up on the food chain to the head of student services. That woman was of no use. She belittled me for my concern about someone trying to get my son's Dr. to change his medical plan behind my back. Apparently when I signed a form saying they could access my son's medical records it also gives them permission to approach my son's Dr independent of my wishes.
  9. I call BULLSHIT on that.
  10. After thinking I was out of options except to protest in the school board offices & possibly get arrested, the school principal calls and is the only human being who apologized for me for the fact that I wasn't kept in the loop. He also assured me that the break down happened when he asked the RN to place a call (meaning to ME!) and get an explanation. The RN did not call me, but went over my head to the Dr. (Supposedly to catch me lying or miscalculating the carb ratio, but the Dr. office backed me up 100%.)  Finally he said if there was ever any other question about my son's health I would get the first call.
Now, was that so difficult? I should not have had to go through 3 people before finally hearing someone say they were sorry. I also should not have had to hear "It's my way or the highway." from the Superintendent's office when it comes to me wanting to be included in any Dr. office calls. I am his parent, that is my right. I have been fighting with this RN ever since school started and I swear I'd just wash my hands at the whole thing and request a switch of schools if it wasn't for the quality education my son is getting this year. He's also class Vice President and likes his teacher very much. For that reason alone I will put up with this BS. 

Still, I am gonna unleash the roller girl on their asses if they try this hinkey shit again!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Thanks for all the good juju you all sent. Now I can say that it was for HHH's new job. He is getting out from under the horrible boss he's been working for for 3 months and we are moving to a better place HHH is going to be paid a decent wage, working for a great company, and is really happy now. This will be the view from our  new apartment's windows. 

Thanks again & let me know if I can ever return the favor!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Horrible Bosses.

Not the movie, which I laughed at so hard coke came out my nose, but HHH's boss at Brandon Oaks. Let me explain....

The complex is owned by one man, where most apartment communities are owned by corporations and managed by property management companies. Not Brandon Oaks. One singular guy owns this place. He has almost no cash backing to keep this place running. No cash money to pay for improvements. No cash money to fix or upgrade the units to keep up with the times and other complexes. This place is woefully behind the times. This guy who owns it is a total tool. The property manager who hired HHH quit 2 weeks after we got here because the Owner would NOT stop calling, emailing, texting, etc her. She had an ulcer. Her husband threatened to divorce her if she didn't quit. Then, when the 80 year old maintenance manager got sick and went into the hospital, the owner didn't bother to get a temp guy to help take up the slack. HHH & the other maintenance guy were stuck with all the extra work. THEN... when HHH tried to give his 2 week notice to the owner/tool, this fucking guy started THREATENING him. I kid you not, this idiot, who weighs 100lbs less than my brawny husband, started in on HHH about how "He hopes HHH's new job prospects works out because he doesn't see a future at Brandon Oaks for HHH." and "When the PM hired you she wasn't supposed to give you $15, or a rent discount, or anything! You were supposed to get $12 and nothing more! You're lucky I didn't put your family out on the street!". Who does that shit? Why would they do that? Threats are not good for business. The whole time HHH has been here he has been up front & honest with this guy about how he was looking for a better job because this douche didn't offer benefits, good pay, or an upwardly mobile position. This jackass has repaid HHH with contempt, ire, and douchey-ness. That's bullshit. 
What won't be bullshit is when, after HHH has left this horrid place's employ, the EPA, OSHA, Health Department, etc are all going to get calls about the MAJOR violations that have occurred on this property. 

Karma's a bitch dude. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Good JUJU!

We all see them on Crackbook & Twatter..... Send me prayers, luck, good juju, good vibes, etc when it comes to something happening in their life that they really want or need. Those pleas have become more prevalent when the economy took a nose dive, but instead of having to do with frivolous things they started becoming requests for a job, rent, etc. I've put out many requests myself. When I see these request, I'll take a moment & think good thoughts for the people in question. If we don't support each other, who will? So here's my latest request for support.

It has to do with this photo & my family needs this badly. Oh so badly. So send a little love our way, eh?

Thanks. I owe you!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wanna Be A Hero?

Have you ever wanted to join the fabulous world of roller derby? Does it look exciting and dangerous in that "Oh my GOD I want to hit people!" sort of way? Are you called by the siren song of beer, women, & sweat? Does all this sound awesome to you.... EXCEPT..... you have a day job that requires you stay in one piece, or a bum body part that prevents you from skating, or the thought of yourself on 8 wheels frightens you more than the thought of an Ishtar remake??

WELL.... I have good news for you!!

In roller derby you have 4 kinds of people. Skaters, Refs, NSO's, and Volunteers. Skaters & refs are the folks on wheels that put their bodies on the line during practices and bouts, HOWEVER, if it wasn't for our NSO's (Non Skating Officials) and Volunteers our bouts would not function! Our NSO's do the penalty tracking, score keeping, and confer with the refs to make sure all the games are on the up and up. They are seriously important on a galactic level! Our volunteers are just as important too, because things like ticket taking, beer table, merchandise sales, raffle ticket sales, etc.... all fall under our volunteer category. Part of how we support the league is by our volunteers selling these profit making items. One of the perks of being an NSO or a volunteer is FREE ENTRY TO THE BOUTS! Yeah.... free as a flea in a tree! Sounds like a great deal, huh?? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT DOES!!! 

So here's where I ask you folks to pitch in! Start filling in the blanks!




** Non Skating Officials (NSOs) - Arrive at SpinNations at 4:30 pm


Jam Starter/Timer: 
Scorekeeper 1: Chubby Pecker (Nick Singer)
Scorekeeper 2:
Computer Scoreboard Operator:

Penalty Tracker 1: Chocolate Thunder
Penalty Tracker 2:
Penalty Board: (fill this position last)
Penalty Timer 1:
Penalty Timer 2: 


** Referees – Arrive at SpinNations at 4:30 pm

Head Referee: Crash Control

Referee – Jammer 1:
Referee – Jammer 2:
Referee - Pack 1: Crash Control
Referee – Pack 2:
OSP Ref 1:
OSP Ref 2: