Friday, September 7, 2012

Ensuring The Future.

So, yesterday my eldest made her debut on Aiming Low to the delight of her Dad and I. I also went to the high school yesterday to try and straighten out Eldest's transcripts. She had taken high school level geometry in middle school because she was in the gifted program there and it hadn't made it to her new high school. I called the old middle school the day before and asked them what I should do. They said to go to the high school's registrar, and fill out a permission to fax the records. The middle school woman thought it was strange that it wasn't already in Eldest's academic record. 
I arrive at the Guidance office and explain my predicament to the patient woman behind the desk. She finds this whole thing strange as well, looks up Eldest's permanent file, and sure enough.... there is nothing before 9th grade in it.


It seems the "amazing" private high school we got her into last year never bothered to requisition her records. Never. Bothered. Oh my God! What are these so called professionals doing to my kid? I am beyond upset that had I not been so vigilant about keeping her education on track, she might have been cheated! I'm beginning to think that that so called advanced school is a black hole, and apparently I wasn't alone. According to Eldest's new guidance counselor lot's of kids have left that hippie school and had the same problems.  

This. This is why I am so involved in my kid's educations. It has come to the point that you can't trust the schools to know what's best for your child. YOU know your child best. THEY only see the kid maybe a handful of times over the course of a year. Gone are the days when parents could depend on the school to steer their kids to a bright future.  I was a product of those days. I turned out ok. I see the potential in my daughters & son and I want to nurture it as much as I can!!

I want them to reach for the stars!

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