Sunday, September 16, 2012

Being The Bad Guy.

Mo had a birthday party to go to on Saturday. We got the invite last Monday. It looked simple. Party on Saturday, 2 to 5pm, bring a bathing suit. Ok, no problem.

I drop Mo off at 2pm, tell her I'll be back at 5 to pick her up, and leave. After cooking dinner so it will be ready for Mo's arrival home, I hop in the car and drive back to the party house and it's then that I see the first problem. The kids are still in bathing suits running around the yard that has a giant inflatable water slide in it. I park & walk up to the house and the first thing that happens after I introduce myself to the birthday child's mom is she starts pointing out the marks on my teeth and how they can be fixed and how she has bad teeth too blah, blah, blah....

Um... excuse me?

Then the woman proceeds to ask me, (in front of my daughter), if Mo can stay overnight because the party was supposed to be a swim/sleep over party and it was decided that they would have the birthday cake for breakfast the next morning.

Um... excuse me AGAIN??

I asked if the woman knew Mo had type 1 diabetes. She said oh no, she didn't. I asked why it wasn't stated on the invite that there was a sleep over. She had no idea.(?) I said I'd leave Mo till 8pm and confer with HHH about if Mo could stay or not. I wasn't really feeling it though. I didn't know this woman. She had no idea about my daughter's medical condition and really... cake for breakfast? I called HHH on the drive home & he agreed with me. I knew I was going to have a very miffed Mo when we came back to get her, but really what was I gonna do? After picking her up at 8pm I looked at the invitation again and not only was it asking for an RSVP but gave no number to call, but I failed to realize it was in a child's handwriting meaning the MOM didn't even check the invites to see if they were correct & had all the information! Who does that?? I'm used to parents who have parties on par with the "My Sweet 16" on MTV and really, this mom did kinda do that by renting the 2 story water slide, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine & such... but details are important and the lack of them really tanked this party for Mo.

So, I'll ask you guy: What would you have done?


Megan said...

No sleepover. Don't know these people, don't know people who know these people. That in itself would be enough, but to announce that breakfast will be cake seems incredibly stupid to me. Not that I wouldn't eat cake for breakfast or let Mack do that for fun, I most certainly wouldn't do it with other people's kids.

I think you made the right call. Also? Weird.

Poppy said...

You expect Sweet 16 type parties? I've never been to such a thing.

As for the sleepover... not unless I get to sleep over too.