Friday, August 17, 2012


  • I was able to partially register each kid for school yesterday. I have to wait for 4 different forms to be signed by the two youngest's Endocrinologist and I have to make an appointment with guidance for Eldest's school. It was almost painless. So glad, because after last year I could use an easy button for this crap.
  • What happened to quality parenting? Seriously?? Why do parents today not keep track of their children? And I'm not talking wayward teens who hang around menacing the walkways, no. I am talking kids as young as 4 running in packs all over the damn place screaming at the top of their lungs. There are no parents ANYWHERE! It's inexcusable. You can just bet that when a car finally hits one of these brats (Because they totally are & it is totally gonna happen...) the parents will suddenly be front & center with a contingent of lawyers saying how the person driving was negligent, the complex was unsafe, & their precious child was out of sight for "just a second". 
  • People don't know how to drive anymore. Yeah, I've said this before, but I honestly think most people are getting their driver's licenses from cereal boxes. My drive to Pasco for derby practice was a prime example. I was on I-75 trying to go north when I hit a huge wall of traffic. It went from the I-4  matrix and didn't end till between the Fletcher Avenue/Bruce B Downs exits. What was the cause f this huge jam? An accident perhaps? Maybe a pile up with fatalities? No. There were 3 cars totally pulled off the road that looked like they may have bumped each other. Those folks were off to the side, exchanging information & waiting on the FHP to come document the accident. The back up that went on for 15 miles at 15mph was the morons rubber necking at these fine folks who were doing everything right! WTF?!? 
  • I found out yesterday that I was made captain of my scrimmage team. OMG! I haven't ever been the captain before! Time to step up my game and make some line ups. I'm lucky to have skated with most of the ladies on my team in one capacity or another so hopefully making line ups will be easy! Can not wait till the 26th!
  • I have a Zazzle store. I don't really shove it in people's faces except for when I make something cool, but if you have a chance, go peruse the wares. Most of it is my new logo pasted on every frickin thing they have on there, but I'm fond of the bumper stickers (2 of them) and the yard sign that can be used as a bout sign. I'll have to place an order for stickers, shirts, & key chains and start selling them at bouts.
And I'm spent. See you all in the funny papers... Love,

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