Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finger Pointing.

Sigh... why did I ever think it would be easy?

Got a call from Junior's school yesterday. It seems the clinic was in an uproar about his medical forms. I was asked to come give my son his insulin and speak to the RN. I get there and I get ambushed by the clinic attendant & the RN about how my forms are illegal. I ask in what way and am told that there was a nurses signature on my son's form and that that was illegal in the eyes of the state & Hillsborogh County. 


I start calling the # for the person HHH had dealt with when he was faxing the papers back and forth and I get voicemail. After trying to suck it up and not cry, (at this point I should probably tell you I was in the beginning stages of a migraine), I see a # at the bottom of the apparently illegal sheet and I call that instead and ask for the nurse on duty. I get a pleasant woman and explain to her my problem and my possibly illegal forms and ask what do I need to do to have them signed properly so my kid can go back to school? The pleasant woman turned unhappy and said she has signed hundreds of papers for families this school year and that if the Dr. had to sign the papers himself, he'd be buried in his office and never see a patient! She gave me her name & number to give to the RN at the school because SHE wanted to tell that lady personally that she's causing grief to us parents unnecessarily.

My point is..... I DON'T CARE!!!

Who is getting screwed here? The kids, that's who. My son & daughter are getting singled out to have to go up to the office because until I get the forms resigned by an actual Dr, even though the Endo Nurse says they don't have to be, I have to give them their medications. Yeah, lets just make the new kids stick out like sore thumbs on their first day. Thanks a lot. I'm sure my kids appreciate it. This is why I have and always will lobby for a simplified state form and a set rule about what will & will not be accepted because bullshit like this is ridiculous.

Kids should come first. Being "right" should come second.

UPDATE: After I wrote this, I picked up Mo from middle school & was hit with yet ANOTHER form saying she didn't have her shots. Um, no. I SENT IN THE FORM WHEN WE CAME IN TO REGISTER!!! What the fuck are they doing up there??? I'm beginning to think the health care "professionals" are a bunch of seething morons!!! Now I have to go up to Morgan's school as well and clear up THAT mess. GGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!

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