Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be Prepared!

So, we here in the peninsula of Florida have pretty much dodged a bullet. Issac is heading farther west and looks to take the same path Katrina took, but without as much vigor, thank goodness. We will catch wind & rain which is good after the shit storm I saw at our local stores! People who lived here apparently didn't take heed of the June 1st reminders to get their hurricane supplies in order and were tearing Wall to Wall Mart to shreds! HHH & I have had supplies in order. We have had them in order since June. A month's worth of medicine & supplies for the kids, food, water, soda, money..... we got that. Apparently we were the only ones. The Home Depot was awash in plywood buying maniacs all jockeying for position at the contractors entrance to load it all on their cars. The situation at the Wall to Wall,.... it was worse! No one had any flashlights, batteries, or water in their carts. Neither was there non perishable food, first aid kits, or propane. People had random shit like beer & pickles, or twine & band aids. It reminded me of that movie "Friday" when Dae Dae says, "Either ya'll got kool-aid no sugar, peanut butter no jelly, ham no burger. Daaaaaamn!" I'm kinda glad those folks got this scare in them. Now they'll be prepared for when the next one comes. 

Now I'd like you to go here and READ THIS POST! Kimmy knows damn well what she's talking about when it comes to hurricane preparedness and you wait & seers would be wise to heed her words of advice! 

Now, I'm off to the kitchen to take stock in my supplies as well. Stay safe everyone!

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Putz said...

yea me too with my two year supply of soda, you would make a good mormon hoarding all that medicine for your kids<>,.love the putz