Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And It Begins....

  • Got all the kids registered in school yesterday. This may seem late to you guys but with Mo & Jr. being diabetic, I have to have specific forms filled out by the endocrinologist so they can take insulin at school. I've said it before and I'll say it again, states should make a universal form across the board that will be accepted no matter what school in that state you go to. The doctors are busy and don't have time to sign a shitload of forms some prick school shoves at them. I got them last Friday & immediately faxed them over (already filled out) for Dr. Hosono's signature. We got them back Tuesday morning and I went straight for the registrar's offices to get the kids going! Got them both in, schedule's acquired and on Wednesday morning we are OUT THE DOOR!
  • Is it a good omen that as you're getting your registration from the front office, lightning strikes the building cutting all power and plunging you in inky blackness? Cause that's what happened at Mo's school yesterday. 
  • Is it also a good thing when you're registering your child the office staff get really excited about said child's FCAT scores? Dear lord! I thought those ladies' eyes were going to pop out of their skulls. One said "Oh my! You are a smart one, aren't you?" Ha ha ha! Yes, yes she is.
  • I have to start getting up at 6am again. Blergh!
  • I also have to start making lunches again. Let's all count carbs, shall we?

Here we go again! Love.....

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