Thursday, August 30, 2012


Well, our bout got cancelled again. And by again I mean for the THIRD TIME! This time it was a little more sinister than just a flood or a hurricane. Seems the owner of Super Skate in Pinellas has been having second thoughts about roller derby, so much so that he not only asked for all his money for Sunday's bout up front,(usually they get paid after the bout when all the money has been collected), but he also decided to change the deal he had with that league concerning practices too. Instead of the agreed upon $450 a month for 7 to 8 practices, he now wants to charge $100 an hour which will equal out to about $1400 to $1600 a month! 


It's not like the guy got nothing from the bouts. He sells the only concessions there. He got a cut of the tickets. He also sold gear & stuff from the pro shop. What the hell, man? How can you be that fucking greedy? 

My only thought on it is he is trying to boot that league out of the rink, but instead of being a man, he's going about it like a worm and trying to force a league that hasn't even been around for more than a year O-U-T by over charging these fine ladies! Just keeping it klassy, I guess.

Jerk. I won't be going to Super Skate of Pinellas again any time too soon. I won't recommend it to anyone else either.

Monday, August 27, 2012


No great post for tonight. Issac's non event here has just left us with a lot of on and off rain that is messing with my sinuses. Gonna make a run for derby tonight down in Pinellas. Hope that will clear some of the crap out of my head. 

Carry on....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be Prepared!

So, we here in the peninsula of Florida have pretty much dodged a bullet. Issac is heading farther west and looks to take the same path Katrina took, but without as much vigor, thank goodness. We will catch wind & rain which is good after the shit storm I saw at our local stores! People who lived here apparently didn't take heed of the June 1st reminders to get their hurricane supplies in order and were tearing Wall to Wall Mart to shreds! HHH & I have had supplies in order. We have had them in order since June. A month's worth of medicine & supplies for the kids, food, water, soda, money..... we got that. Apparently we were the only ones. The Home Depot was awash in plywood buying maniacs all jockeying for position at the contractors entrance to load it all on their cars. The situation at the Wall to Wall,.... it was worse! No one had any flashlights, batteries, or water in their carts. Neither was there non perishable food, first aid kits, or propane. People had random shit like beer & pickles, or twine & band aids. It reminded me of that movie "Friday" when Dae Dae says, "Either ya'll got kool-aid no sugar, peanut butter no jelly, ham no burger. Daaaaaamn!" I'm kinda glad those folks got this scare in them. Now they'll be prepared for when the next one comes. 

Now I'd like you to go here and READ THIS POST! Kimmy knows damn well what she's talking about when it comes to hurricane preparedness and you wait & seers would be wise to heed her words of advice! 

Now, I'm off to the kitchen to take stock in my supplies as well. Stay safe everyone!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Awesome Is... seeing folks I haven't seen in years!

Having awesome fun with said friends.

Grabbing a drink.

Taking photos with them.

And having a great time!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finger Pointing.

Sigh... why did I ever think it would be easy?

Got a call from Junior's school yesterday. It seems the clinic was in an uproar about his medical forms. I was asked to come give my son his insulin and speak to the RN. I get there and I get ambushed by the clinic attendant & the RN about how my forms are illegal. I ask in what way and am told that there was a nurses signature on my son's form and that that was illegal in the eyes of the state & Hillsborogh County. 


I start calling the # for the person HHH had dealt with when he was faxing the papers back and forth and I get voicemail. After trying to suck it up and not cry, (at this point I should probably tell you I was in the beginning stages of a migraine), I see a # at the bottom of the apparently illegal sheet and I call that instead and ask for the nurse on duty. I get a pleasant woman and explain to her my problem and my possibly illegal forms and ask what do I need to do to have them signed properly so my kid can go back to school? The pleasant woman turned unhappy and said she has signed hundreds of papers for families this school year and that if the Dr. had to sign the papers himself, he'd be buried in his office and never see a patient! She gave me her name & number to give to the RN at the school because SHE wanted to tell that lady personally that she's causing grief to us parents unnecessarily.

My point is..... I DON'T CARE!!!

Who is getting screwed here? The kids, that's who. My son & daughter are getting singled out to have to go up to the office because until I get the forms resigned by an actual Dr, even though the Endo Nurse says they don't have to be, I have to give them their medications. Yeah, lets just make the new kids stick out like sore thumbs on their first day. Thanks a lot. I'm sure my kids appreciate it. This is why I have and always will lobby for a simplified state form and a set rule about what will & will not be accepted because bullshit like this is ridiculous.

Kids should come first. Being "right" should come second.

UPDATE: After I wrote this, I picked up Mo from middle school & was hit with yet ANOTHER form saying she didn't have her shots. Um, no. I SENT IN THE FORM WHEN WE CAME IN TO REGISTER!!! What the fuck are they doing up there??? I'm beginning to think the health care "professionals" are a bunch of seething morons!!! Now I have to go up to Morgan's school as well and clear up THAT mess. GGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And It Begins....

  • Got all the kids registered in school yesterday. This may seem late to you guys but with Mo & Jr. being diabetic, I have to have specific forms filled out by the endocrinologist so they can take insulin at school. I've said it before and I'll say it again, states should make a universal form across the board that will be accepted no matter what school in that state you go to. The doctors are busy and don't have time to sign a shitload of forms some prick school shoves at them. I got them last Friday & immediately faxed them over (already filled out) for Dr. Hosono's signature. We got them back Tuesday morning and I went straight for the registrar's offices to get the kids going! Got them both in, schedule's acquired and on Wednesday morning we are OUT THE DOOR!
  • Is it a good omen that as you're getting your registration from the front office, lightning strikes the building cutting all power and plunging you in inky blackness? Cause that's what happened at Mo's school yesterday. 
  • Is it also a good thing when you're registering your child the office staff get really excited about said child's FCAT scores? Dear lord! I thought those ladies' eyes were going to pop out of their skulls. One said "Oh my! You are a smart one, aren't you?" Ha ha ha! Yes, yes she is.
  • I have to start getting up at 6am again. Blergh!
  • I also have to start making lunches again. Let's all count carbs, shall we?

Here we go again! Love.....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Next Sunday....

I'm playing as CAPTAIN of the Jock Squad. I'll be wearing HHH's high school football jersey. Now I just gotta find a pair of football pants that will fit over my big ass!!

Friday, August 17, 2012


  • I was able to partially register each kid for school yesterday. I have to wait for 4 different forms to be signed by the two youngest's Endocrinologist and I have to make an appointment with guidance for Eldest's school. It was almost painless. So glad, because after last year I could use an easy button for this crap.
  • What happened to quality parenting? Seriously?? Why do parents today not keep track of their children? And I'm not talking wayward teens who hang around menacing the walkways, no. I am talking kids as young as 4 running in packs all over the damn place screaming at the top of their lungs. There are no parents ANYWHERE! It's inexcusable. You can just bet that when a car finally hits one of these brats (Because they totally are & it is totally gonna happen...) the parents will suddenly be front & center with a contingent of lawyers saying how the person driving was negligent, the complex was unsafe, & their precious child was out of sight for "just a second". 
  • People don't know how to drive anymore. Yeah, I've said this before, but I honestly think most people are getting their driver's licenses from cereal boxes. My drive to Pasco for derby practice was a prime example. I was on I-75 trying to go north when I hit a huge wall of traffic. It went from the I-4  matrix and didn't end till between the Fletcher Avenue/Bruce B Downs exits. What was the cause f this huge jam? An accident perhaps? Maybe a pile up with fatalities? No. There were 3 cars totally pulled off the road that looked like they may have bumped each other. Those folks were off to the side, exchanging information & waiting on the FHP to come document the accident. The back up that went on for 15 miles at 15mph was the morons rubber necking at these fine folks who were doing everything right! WTF?!? 
  • I found out yesterday that I was made captain of my scrimmage team. OMG! I haven't ever been the captain before! Time to step up my game and make some line ups. I'm lucky to have skated with most of the ladies on my team in one capacity or another so hopefully making line ups will be easy! Can not wait till the 26th!
  • I have a Zazzle store. I don't really shove it in people's faces except for when I make something cool, but if you have a chance, go peruse the wares. Most of it is my new logo pasted on every frickin thing they have on there, but I'm fond of the bumper stickers (2 of them) and the yard sign that can be used as a bout sign. I'll have to place an order for stickers, shirts, & key chains and start selling them at bouts.
And I'm spent. See you all in the funny papers... Love,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Ow ow ow.

Ow ow ow....owowowowow.

It's all I could think while driving home.
It's all I could say when in the shower.
It's all I could muster every time I rolled over in bed.

Being the crash/hit dummy at evaluations can be rewarding when you see a newly skirted skater pass her evals to be allowed to participate in an open scrimmage, but on the flip side of that, my knee & several other parts of my person are pretty sore this morning!! I got snatched down accidentally in a pack situation and bopped my knee pretty good so I rode home with an ice pack on it to cut down the swelling. So for the moment....



Sunday, August 12, 2012


  • I hurt.
  • Moving Sucks.
  • People who say they'll help, then don't show up suck more.
  • If it takes forever to load up, it will also take forever to unload.
  • If you leave the cargo bay light on because you're unloading till 2am the truck is gonna die.
  • If you have no idea how to jump off a 26' cargo truck, don't let the 1-800 try convince you to try. You'll accidentally lock the keys in the truck.
  • U-haul will NOT pay a locksmith to come jimmy the truck door open after you lock the keys in.
  • U-Haul will be kind enough to believe that you just spent all your $ on a locksmith and not charge you  $42 for gas ($12 for the gas, $30 for their "FEE")
  • Unpacking sucks just as much as packing.
  • I'm tired.
  • I haven't found the box I packed my gear in yet. OMG!!!
  • I have a cankle on my right side thanks to all the moving.
And I'm spent. Good night!

OH, and PS- Rain can just fuck the hell off. Rain & sudden thundershowers that make it impossible to unload the FUCKING truck can so totally fuck the hell off right along with them.

Friday, August 10, 2012


The PCDD has come BACK...... to Spinations Skating Center!
(Said in my best The Rock voice!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

After Practice.....

We sometimes go terrorize the local watering holes because all that skating makes us super hungry! This is LDiablo & I at Mugs & Jugs acting the fool while Crockett takes photos. 
Yeah... we roller girls know how to party down!

Monday, August 6, 2012

To Be Good At...

... but the rink must actually be open first. I posted earlier that we ladies of the PCDD were supposed to be at our home rink Monday night after it's month+ rehab from the damage done by T.S. Debby's flooding. Yeah... I got the call around 1pm that the rink had cancelled our practice because they needed to drop 2 more coats of wax on the wood floor. Well, thanks a bunch guys. Did it ever occur to you guys that it's your decision to not varnish the floor that's making it easier for skaters to damage it? Sigh... Hope they don't decide to cancel Thursday's practice too.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Guess who's running part of derby practice tomorrow???
(Enter maniacal laughter!)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Derby Bus

Last night was the last time the PCDD would travel down to Pinellas to practice at the Revolution Roller Derby rink. As of Saturday the 4th, our home rink, SpinNations, will be back in action and we can go back to our regular routine of Monday-Thursday practices. I give many many thank you's to Crockett & Dead Leigh Dexter for trucking my ass down to practice. Hope I gave you guys enough $$ for gas!! (PS-You should ALWAYS give your driver gas $$. ALWAYS. Those that stiffed me the 2 times I drove... hint hint.) The after practice ride home was always a blast!!! A stinky blast!

Brand new wood in the home rink!! YEAH BABY!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back In Time!

This Saturday our home rink, SpinNations, is having it's grand re-opening weekend and the PCDD is going to be there in full force to support them. It's gonna be a big weekend full of fun and the theme of the Saturday night is the 80's.  
Now I don't know about you, but I've been trying really hard to forget some of the crap I wore back then. I'm lucky that for the most part, my parents weren't shutterbugs taking thousands of pic's of me in those horrible, HORRIBLE fashions!(If you could even call them that!) I had tons of neon colored nightmares to wear back then and now that I have progressed past it all and banished the images to the far recesses of my subconscious, I get to relive the horror again!
I have purchased a neon yellow tank and a see through over sized top to wear over it, a ton of jelly bracelets, and neon green earrings. Now I just have to find some neon orange or pink leg warmers and a tulle skirt to wear over some leggings and I'll be all set! Oh and I'll need a BFB for my over teased hair. (BFB stands for Big Fucking Bow if you didn't already know.) 

I'll just need to make sure I stay OUT of any photos. No evidence. None.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Somewhere Else

Hi there! I'm blogging over at Buy-Her today. Go give it a lookie loo, will ya? Thanks a bunch!