Sunday, July 8, 2012


Recently, I've been thinking about getting a logo for my derby personality. Yes, yes... I am Blondefabulous when I blog too, but the bigger persona is my on skates girl. The confidant, take charge, feel no pain skater who bursts out onto the track in an explosion of colored locks and dashing wheels is who I want to represent. I move so much with HHH that I have a collection of derby team shirts, but nothing really for me.

Enter Vicky Skelton of Hestia Designs. I put out a call on Twitter and FB that I was looking to have a logo designed and boy did this lovely UK lass step up to the plate!!! After a few emails back and forth, we collaborated on this amazingly simple yet cute design! 

I had originally wondered about having the drawn skater look like me, but I think I like this even better! I'm planning on having bumper stickers, t-shirts, & key chains made to sell at bouts and on the blog! With roller derby becoming a bigger sport than anyone ever anticipated, skaters are going to start branding themselves personally like this and I imagine when some of the PCDD girls see the cool work Vicky did, I bet it won't be long till they get their own logos too!

Just can't wait for the finished logo to hit my inbox! I'll hold a contest to win a swag bag of stuff!!

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