Thursday, July 12, 2012


It was a day.

It was a long day.

It started at 7 am when some small sound woke me from my slumber an hour earlier than I needed to be. It continued on into the morning when I got dressed and walked the 3 legged wonder who would not poop. It meandered into me feeding & medicating my youngest two before leaving to go to the lady Dr. for a post op check up. (I had a suspicious mass in my uterus removed several weeks ago & had to be checked for any returning mass and that my cervix went back to normal.) The drive to the office was long & excruciating. The news was good. I am all normal again. After that it was back home to get the two youngest ready for a Dr. appt. of their own all the way in St. Petersburg, an hour & 40 minute journey when traffic cooperates! I should say now that traffic NEVER cooperates on US19. We make the trek, arrive with 15 to spare, and then spend the next 3 and 1/2 hours seeing several people & repeating the same information about the kids diabetes where in nothing is changed, we receive all new scripts for the pharmacy and then go down for lab work. Blood draws are done, cups are peed in, paperwork gets handed to me, and I get slapped in the face with my Ex Husband's name & insurance information which is woefully out of date and not even remotely applicable to my daughter!!! My somewhat vociferous reaction to seeing his name on my child's paperwork leaves the receptionist's mouth agape, but really... a medical facility that doesn't update it's information in 11 years when I have given them new info at every damn appointment EVER is just ridiculous. We finally leave & I can't get any signal for my phone in the garage as I'm trying to make my navigation to work so we can get home. OK, drive out of the garage and park on the street. Still no signal. AUGH! Restarted my phone, got the navigation to work, and it took me in a circle around the freakin' block! WTH?? So I reset the navigation again, get going the right direction this time, get on US19 and WHAM!! Suddenly we are sitting still on a major highway. I take a few deep breaths, call HHH to say we won't be home on time, and slog through the massive jam of douche canoes who got their driver's licenses from a cracker jack box. UGH!!! I should also mention that it was my derby practice night, but there was no way I was going to make it to derby. Too much traffic, not enough time. That. Sucked. So we get through the evil traffic jam, stop off to grab a bite on the way, and FINALLY make it home. I'm pulling into the complex feeling good about keeping my shit together, not going ape shit on anyone, and dealing with the ex/insurance thing and then....

It happened.

Someone is parked in my spot. Not only are they in MY spot in front of My building by My breezeway, but they are just leavng  their car and I see them walking 2 breezeways over to the next building. They don't live anywhere near my apartment, there are 5 to 7 open spaces much nearer to their quarters, but yet they have taken my spot. 

I. Lost. My. Shit.

I muttered & yelled the entire way to the elevator that people should park in their own building's spaces. I stomped like a 3 year old who'd been denied the Bubbleguppies TV show the entire way to the apartment, and when I walk in the door, I fussed at HHH about people who don't know their place parking where they do NOT belong. Add to it all the house was a complete disaster, animals who weren't walked while I was gone and subsequently pooped in the house so my son stepped in it & tracked it around, and an Eldest child who farted around on the computer instead of doing the chores I asked her to when I left & .....


I yelled at HHH. I yelled at Eldest. I yelled at the dogs. HHH made the mistake of pointing out how pointless I was being and that just made it even worse. I told him about the rest of the day, how it had affected me, and that I wasn't looking for him to go and yell at those people or anything, but that I wanted to hear him say something like "Yes, dear. Those people are thoughtless jackasses. They totally suck." and I would have been happy. As it was, I slammed into my room & threw him out because I needed to decompress. I played mahjong, I watched SpongeBob(don't ask), did some Facebook, and I took a shower. It took about an hour for me to come back to anything that resembled normal. I went out in the living room, apologized to HHH, got a drink, and took some sleeping meds. After today, I think I need them more than ever!!

So... intrepid readers, with a mere week to go till my EPIC birthday party, I have gone completely bonkers. Now that that is out of the way, the rest of the coming week should be a piece of cake, right???


Pass me the vodka!!

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Megan said...

Sorry you had a bad day, sweetie. Hope today is going better!

P.S. - I didn't know you had a procedure done; glad all is well.