Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It Happens Every Year......

FL man injured when firework explodes in his hands

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say a Tampa Bay-area man has been severely injured after a firework exploded in his hands.
Tampa police say Matthew Lewandowski of Riverview loaded a firework mortar into a fiberglass tube at a party early Wednesday. When he lit the fuse, the firework exploded in his hands.
Lewandowski's father says the 24-year-old might lose his left thumb and ring finger. Police tell the Tampa Bay Times ( ) that Lewandowski also suffered burns to his arms, stomach and right leg.
Lewandowski was having reconstructive surgery Wednesday at a Tampa hospital.

In actuality,  the first official reports from the sheriff's office stated the guy tried to HOLD the tube as he lit the fuse of the of the "festival ball" firework. All the instructions on this firework (which is illegal in Florida unless you are using it for agricultural purposes) say to place the tube on the ground & light the fuse. This Graduate Student apparently thought he was going to hold it like a roman candle. Sigh.... you have one moron like this every 4th of July. I'm sure we'll hear about more later on. 

Hope all you guys stayed safe & had a great 4th!!

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